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My NC State Story: Brian Riddick (English ’08)

Brian Riddick smiles in a posed headshot.
Brian Riddick is Dean of College Counseling at the Noble Network of Charter Schools (Chicago).

I started at NC State as a political science major but transferred to study English (LWR) with hopes of entering law school. I’ve always loved writing, but truly found my niche while studying at State.

Dick Reavis was a professor of mine twice and also my adviser. He became a thought partner for my career planning as I neared graduating at the height of the recession. When I thought that studying English was just a way for me to prepare for law school, he helped me see that writing was a natural talent that I could grow into a career.

Between my conversations with Reavis, studying African American literature with Dr. Sheila Smith-McKoy, and a creative writing class that I took as a junior, I rediscovered my love of literature and creative writing. In 2017, nearly 10 years after graduating, I finally self-published my first short story, “Rick Jr.,” which is the first installment in what will be a series called Rich Little Poor Boy.  

Brian Riddick is dean of college counseling at the Noble Network of Charter Schools (Chicago).