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MALS Final Project Spotlight: Gale McKoy Wilkins

Concentration: Women in Leadership

About Gale’s Project​

The project defined leadership among women and girls, and validated the importance of providing women and girls with the skills and confidence to become leaders. The prevalence of women in leadership in institutional, corporate, non-profit or voluntary organizations is dependent upon several factors, many stemming from the influence and exposure when they were young girls. A woman’s view of leadership is developed early in childhood, starting with the values learned, exposure to leadership skills, and interactions of positive leadership role models.

About Gale

Gale McKoy Wilkins serves as the Executive Director of the NC Council for Women. Gale has extensive experience in leading non-profit organizations and serving as a professional advocate for a variety of interests and groups. She also has a rich volunteer and board background. She holds a Family Life Coach Graduate Certificate from NC State University and a BA in Human Services from Peace College. Gale is married with two children and two grandchildren.