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MALS Final Project Spotlight: Bria Sledge

Concentration: Educational Challenges within the African American Community: How Family Relates to Individual and Academic Success

About Bria’s Project

The focus of this research was to highlight the economic constraints of African American children from low-income families living in North Carolina. The project emphasized notable challenges that African American children have experienced within the school system due to environmental, social, and cultural factors. The exploration of human development, racial awareness, family science and best practices were also examined to have an understanding of how families, teachers and professionals can have an impact on African American children’s ability to obtain success as they continue to grow and develop.

About Bria

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bria Sledge had a desire to understand the development of children and the role families play in their growth and development. To pursue this interest she enrolled and obtained her undergraduate degree in Child Development at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Through her professional career she was afforded the opportunities to work with children and families as a teacher at two local private schools. To increase her awareness and professional skills, she enrolled at North Carolina State University with a plan to graduate with both a Masters of Liberal Studies degree and Graduate Certificate in Family Life Coaching.