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Year: 2015

Dec 7, 2015

Study: Mental Health Courts Reduce Repeat Offenses, Jail Time

Research from NC State psychologists shows that mental health courts can reduce repeat offending, and limit related jail time, for people with mental health problems — especially those who also have substance use problems. 

Dec 4, 2015

In Writing, When More Is Less

A new study sheds more light on the quality versus quantity issue. It seeks to clear up questions about which writing interventions work best, and whether more truly is better. Chris Anson, English, featured. 

Dec 3, 2015

New study: mental health courts cut jail time and repeat offenses

NC State researchers say that mental health courts reduce repeat offending and jail time. Ph.D. student Evan Lowder, Prof. Sarah Desmarais, Psychology, featured. 

Dec 3, 2015

Research seeks answers to black lung resurgence

For some, the words “black lung” may stir thoughts of an antiquated disease. However, after cases among miners dropped from nearly 30 percent to 3 percent between 1969 and 1999, recent research shows that trend reversing in central Appalachia. NC State doctoral student Aysha Bodenhamer aims to find out what’s led to the resurgence and what miners, their families and the industry are doing about it. 

Dec 2, 2015

Study: Young Adults from Wealthier Backgrounds More Likely to Rely on Parents

An NC State sociologist's research finds that more than 40 percent of young adults no longer live with their parents, but still receive financial support from mom and dad — a finding that's particularly true for grown children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Dec 1, 2015

40% of Young Adults Who Live on Their Own Still Get Money from Parents

NC State researchers examine the relationship between parent-child cohabitation and financial support. Anna Manzoni, humanities & social sciences, featured. 

Dec 1, 2015

NC State Interdisciplinary Hub Tackles Science, Ethics, Policies Around GMOs

Debate over genetic engineering rages on. NC State’s Genetic Engineering and Society Center is in the thick of those discussions, and that’s right where its faculty and students want to be. To learn more about the interdisciplinary center, check out the video created by advanced digital video students. 

Nov 30, 2015

Retiring NC State Poet Helped Save Endangered Script from Extinction

After trending toward extinction for decades, the fate of Vietnam’s ancient script, Chữ Nôm, now has a healthier outlook. NC State English professor John Balaban has helped lead many of the developments that kick-started Nôm’s rebound from an endangered calligraphic way of writing to a preserved tradition. 

Nov 27, 2015

Op ed: How to Prosecute Abusive Prosecutors

Judges and prosecutors violate civil rights with seeming impunity. The federal government must continue to extend its reach beyond the streets and into the courtroom. Brandon Buskey, Psychology alumnus, featured. 

Nov 21, 2015

Op ed: On Islam, Irrationality and Interfaith Dialogue

We must take it upon ourselves to seek out opportunities to meet Muslim members of our own communities through interfaith events. Jeff Braden, Psychology, featured.