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Spotlight on Graduation: Chelsea Creech

Chelsea Creech.

Name: Chelsea Creech

Hometown: Smithfield

Major: communication, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Scholarships: Dean’s Advisory Board Scholarship and the Long, Javidi, PRospects and PRSSA (Public Relations Society of America) Scholarship

What’s next: In August, I will be starting a fulltime job at Sageworks, a financial data company. I will be a public relations and marketing associate.

Why NC State? I grew up my entire life wanting to go to the light-blue school down the road, but with several closed doors and a few that opened, I ended up at NC State. I had narrowed down my options to a few schools and after a tour, I knew that NC State was the place for me. I felt as if I could make a difference here. I was encouraged that I would have a voice and have the opportunity to truly experience life—and that I did.

What has been special about NC State? I feel like I am part of a family. One quote I have learned to love over the years is this: “For the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.” This quote embodies NC State. We are made up of inspiring individuals that create a pack of love, community and perseverance. We inspire not only our community to THINK and DO, but the world as well. NC State has made me who I am today and I could not be more thankful for the role it has played in my life. NC State will always be my home.

How have your scholarships made an impact? I was overwhelmed with gratitude when I found out that I had received my two scholarships. It was so encouraging to know that my hard work and dedication to my studies and extracurricular activities had paid off. I knew that the scholarships would open doors to explore opportunities that I otherwise would not have. One of the biggest impacts was allowing me to study abroad. I grew up dreaming of studying abroad, but I never thought it would be possible. Last summer, I traveled to Florence, Italy, with the University Scholars Program and had the absolute time of my life. I learned about so many cultures and learned more about myself. Without these scholarships, I never would have experienced some of the greatest days of my life. They have given me an opportunity to learn what truly means the most to me and how to make use of everything we have been given. I know where I see myself in the future. My scholarships led me there.

I would like to tell donors . . . Your generous gifts are changing the world, one student at a time. With your donations, NC State is making an impact on the community in incredible ways. Thank you for making dreams become reality!