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Tony Hale’s Chicken Tale

Tony Hale (right) with Archibald. Photo courtesy of Boxing Clever Publishing.
Tony Hale (right) with Archibald. Photo courtesy of Boxing Clever Publishing.

You may know Emmy-award winning actor Tony Hale as Buster Bluth on Arrested Development, or as Gary Walsh, the Veep’s personal aide. Less well known but equally important title roles include Children’s Book Author, and Brother. Hale is the brother of Kim Andreaus, the field placement supervisor for the NC State Department of Social Work‘s MSW program.

It is in the dual roles as author and brother that Tony Hale will visit NC State on Saturday, November 8.  During an event at 7:00 pm in the Hunt Library auditorium, Hale will read from his new children’s book, Archibald’s Next Big Thing, and draw parallels between the book, his acting career, and the field of social work.

“I invited Tony to come because of the connections we saw between his work and mine,” Andreaus says. “As an actor, my brother is always looking for the next big thing. Now he’s written a book — a pretty funny book about a partially bald chicken — where he’s helping children think about their lives as great adventures.

“That’s what we do as social workers, too. We teach our students — and they in turn teach their clients — about self worth, self determination, and self care. We train students to help people be present and mindful in what they do, and to be true to themselves. These concepts are huge components of our training and practice.”

Andreaus says her brother was more than willing to come share his perspectives with aspiring social workers, other NC State students, and others in the community. “My brother is not exactly shy,” she laughs. “Give him a stage and a microphone, and he’s a happy guy.” Hale is waiving any speaker fees and hopes his visit will garner support for the Department of Social Work.

Hale drew from his own experiences to write the children’s book. “The thoughts of an actor aren’t very different from Archibald’s,” he says. “I always find myself looking ahead to the next big role, the next big opportunity, obsessed with the question, ‘What’s next?’ Embracing and enjoying the present is a message I want both my daughter and myself to remember every single day.”

The event is co-sponsored by NC State’s Department of Social Work and Quail Ridge Books & Music.

Tony Hale will speak in the Hunt Library auditorium, Centennial Campus, NC State University, on Saturday, November 8, 7:00-8:30 pm; a VIP reception runs from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Order tickets  to attend the event and the reception. Cost: $5.00 students; $10.00 general public; $30.00 reception. First 100 tickets free to NC State students. Proceeds from all ticket sales will benefit the NC State Social Work Enhancement Fund, held by the NC State Foundation, Inc.

Books are available for pre-sale on the ticketing website and will be available for sale at the event