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Seth Murray

Image of village I have conducted research in various sites of western Europe since 1999. As a member of larger interdisciplinary research team in Burgundy, France, I investigate the intergenerational changes in environmental and agricultural risk-perception and risk-mitigation strategies among Charollais beef cattle farmers, particularly as they relate to historical and contemporary water management practices. I have also examined the relationship between microclimatology and the socio-ecological vulnerability of farmers.

Image of 4 people talkingIn the Basque region of southwestern France and northern Spain, I have conducted ethnographic, oral history, and extensive archival research examining the management and use of common-pool resources by sheep farmers over the past two centuries, most recently as relates to the expansion of non-agricultural activities into rural mountain areas. I have also investigated the impact of European Union agricultural and environmental policies on the local Basque economy, and the social mobilization prompted by the intervention of these external forces.

Image of village in mountains