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Ashley Simons-Rudolph: “It takes a ViLa”

“It takes a ViLa”: Developing a virtual research consortium on gender between NCSU and Universidad de Costa Rica-CIEM (research center for women’s studies)

Funded through 2013-2014 Committee on International Programs Internationalization Seed Grant at NC State University. PI-Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph, Director NCSU Women’s Center, Instructor in Women’s and Gender Studies Department

Project creates a Virtual Lab (ViLa) between North Carolina State University Women’s Center/Women’s and Gender Studies and Universidad de Costa Rica and its Research Center in Women’s Studies (CIEM). At both institutions, the ViLa will involve students, faculty, and research staff and will be interdisciplinary. The Goals of the ViLa include: a) create greater cross-cultural understanding around gender issues & b) increase opportunities for international engagement and research for students, faculty, and staff. Examples of successful outcomes of the ViLa could be: a) regular and on-going dialogue between peers in each institution on gender issues of importance to both, b) completed research project by joint undergraduate PIs from both institutions, and c) cross-cultural collaboration between graduate students and faculty resulting in a greater diversity of perspectives. Contact: Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph (