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Thomas E. Donohue, Alumnus

Thomas E. Donohue, MALS, Health & Insurance Analyst, and Founder/President of Insurance Gurus, conducts workshops and individual consultations, designed to help the public better understand their healthcare benefits, including Medicare basics, and the implications of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act on their healthcare options.

About his MALS Experience

According to Mr. Donohue, his MALS experience included gaining a concentration in public administration issues, including financial and budget analysis, community resource development, and Technology Education:

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience. What sets my experience apart from traditional graduate studies is that, with the MALS program, you are not limited by a rote curriculum. You are encouraged to think outside the box, to enhance your collaborative skill sets in joint research projects, and to embrace an interdisciplinary mindset. These experiences set me up for success, not just in business, but in life as well.

The lessons I learned from the MALS program have helped me to develop the skill sets needed to succeed in a wide number of areas, and allowed me to put together a well-rounded understanding of the world around me. While some people may be partial to  ‘specific’ or narrow expertise, I’ve always felt that my MALS experience has allowed me to be more transparent in my thinking, and with an interdisciplinary approach, allowed me to adopt a more global understanding of the people and places around me.”

Alumnus Profile

To his literature credits, Mr. Donohue has written numerous op-ed pieces for the News & Observer and co-written, with his wife Cathy, a financial strategy book, Wall Street Meets Main Street. Mr., Donohue has more than 20 years of experience dealing with the health insurance industry, specializing in understanding Medicare and professionally managing active and inactive employee benefit plans for Fortune 500 companies. He is also a licensed health insurance agent in North Carolina.

His background also includes a 15 year career in Information Technology specializing in small to mid-sized Wide Area Network technologies and a long career in the US Army Reserves, emphasizing the management of large unit operations, logistics, and force on force modeling. One of his cornerstone achievements was to compile a pictorial history of the Desert Shield/Desert Storm conflict for the US Department of Defense, while serving in Desert Storm.

Tom holds a Masters of Liberal Studies degree from North Carolina State University, a post graduate degree from the US Army Intelligence School, in military management and training, and a Bachelor’s degree in History, with a concentration in Russian and Middle Eastern Studies, from George Mason University.