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Irene Seung Jeong Lee

Ms. Lee will be pursing a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Gallaudet University Fall 2014.

IMG_0763My name is Irene Seung Jeong Lee and I am a graduating senior with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (self design). My major title is Language Acquisition and Children. I built my unique curriculum by combining courses in linguistics, psychology, and communication disorders.

To enhance my understanding of the academic material, I did a service-learning project at the YMCA. YMCA is a non-profit organization that serves to develop the youth and consists of a variety of programs for young children.

I worked with two of their after-school programs: Y Learning and Community Hope. Y Learning is a tutoring program designed for students who are struggling in the classroom and lack the resources and support at home to succeed in school.

Community Hope is more of a mentoring program, academically structured for students whose reading levels are low in comparison to their peers (typically due to the fact that English is their second language). I helped students with their homework, and worked one-on-one with my mentee on her reading comprehension skills and vocabulary development.

These experiences not only expanded my knowledge of the field; they gave me the opportunity to use it for a needy population and make a contribution to society. They helped me grow as both a student and a person. I thank the Interdisciplinary Studies (self design) program at N.C. State for allowing to gain the interdisciplinary knowledge and the experience that I did.