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Scholar Spotlight: Lindsay Womack

Lindsay Womack, President of the Alexander Hamilton Scholar program during her senior year in 2009-10, graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010 with majors in Economics and International Studies, and with minors in Spanish and History. She went on to complete a Masters of Economics degree at NCSU the following year. Lindsay has certainly kept a busy pace since leaving Raleigh as she now serves in the Peace Corps as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in Peru.

Her participation and leadership in the AHS program has certainly helped her to achieve her goals, as it played a role in being accepted into the highly-selective Peace Corps. Lindsay was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad multiple times, first in Peru during the summer of 2007, and then in Cordoba, Argentina during the spring of 2009. One of her warmest memories of Cordoba is while watching a soccer match with friends from University: “I remember thinking that I felt like I belonged and that I truly had friends there for life. We were sharing a beer and cheering for the same team to win and you could feel the camaraderie.” Lindsay believes that having these experiences really let her application stanLindsay Womack '10d out and was an asset during job interviews. Of course, it didn’t hurt having a Masters in Economics, as well as the dual degree, in the job hunt!

When the Hamilton Scholars program was first presented to her by two Scholars, Lindsay recognized that this program was a perfect fit for her interests and goals. Lindsay was motivated to become a Hamilton Scholar because of the blend interests in culture, language, history and economics. One of Lindsay’s favorite parts of the Hamilton program is the wide range possible combinations of fields of study. Because there are so many concentrations in the Poole College of Management and different concentrations in International Studies, there are always interesting things to talk about with fellow scholars at the variety of social and academic events held each semester. It is sure to be something generations of Alexander Hamilton Scholars will continue to benefit from as well.


Story by Amanda Hellman