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Pam Boney, Alumna

Pam BoneyMy experience of MALS changed my life in big ways. As an executive coach, I had a specific line of research that I wanted to conduct and it involved the combination of studies from two departments, so the MALS program had the flexibility I needed to focus specifically on what I wanted to learn. Dr. Patterson, my advisor, was one of the most positive and inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to know. He always supported me in finding a bridge to what I needed at just the right time. My Chairman, Dr. Craig, in the Industrial & Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program, was exceptionally gracious  to take on supervision of my program when he has so many PhD candidates to support, so I was very appreciative of his willingness to offer guidance and advice as I navigated the journey toward completion of my project. The MALS seminars were very enriching and one of them included a trip to France that I will never forget. My career has been enhanced by involvement in this program and I have since been invited to speak at two international conferences to share my research results. In 2010 I spoke at the International Leadership Association conference in Boston, MA, and in 2011 at the International Coach Federation Conference in Las Vegas.