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Scholar Spotlight: Joe Mills

Alexander Hamilton Scholar, Joe Mills

Current Hamilton Scholar and member of NC State’s men’s varsity soccer team, Joe Mills, shares some of his insight, advice and personal experience on the advantage that earning two degrees gives students once they graduate.

Joe heard about the program during his freshman orientation at State and was immediately interested and motivated to join the Alexander Hamilton Scholars program. With his background in studying the Spanish language and culture, he thought it would be a perfect fit. He also was very interested in international topics so Hamilton Scholars was right up his alley.

Even though we all still have time to figure out what we want to do later in life, Joe has impressive career goals for the next five years. After being a soccer player for State, Joe’s dream would be to play professionally in Europe. He places a lot of importance in having and chasing this dream. Though this already sounds like a lot of hard work, after his soccer career Joe would like to either open his own restaurant or work in luxury management since, as he explained, “I have a wide variety of interests!”

One of the most important things to many Scholars is the growth of the program and maintaining a strong presence on campus. While Joe endorses Nike’s slogan to “just do it!”, he does advise members to complete the required study abroad early on in their college career, which requires some planning on the student’s part. He likes to tell potential Scholars that though it isn’t an extensive time commitment, it is nonetheless very important to get involved in college activities, especially in a great organization like Hamilton Scholars.

Story written by Amanda Hellman