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Suzanne Snider, Director, Ford Fine Art; Delray, Florida

About eight years ago, Suzanne Snider graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts Studies, visual arts concentration. She now works as the Director of Ford Fine Arts.


“After graduation, I started my new career representing contemporary artists from Costa Rica where I had lived for several years prior to attending NCSU.  In 2008, I joined in a partnership with Mark Ford to create a gallery of Latin American art here in south Florida.  Although we have an extensive collection of Latin American masters, we decided to specialize in the works of marginalized Central America.”

Her work requires her to travel abroad, meet with artists, clients, potentional clients and patrons, art historians and museum curators. She has to balance the business of art with the cultivation of artists who may not yet be well known outside of their region or country.

“Frequently I travel to all the Central American nations to meet with galleries, artists, and museums to learn about their visual arts. I found unique characteristics and unifying elements in the works of the modern masters of these nations…”

In addition to the typical work of a gallery director, Snider is embarking on a new venture: book publishing.

“At Ford Fine Art, we are now publishing a coffee table style book about the Modern Masters of Central American Art to be published this year. We will be the editors as I am inviting art historians from each nation to write a short history of art for their respective countries.  Literature, political situations, movements, culture, nature, influences of indigenous art and the artists will be identified for Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. We are selecting 5 or 6 of the artists born 1940 or before from each country to highlight with biographies.”

The education Suzanne Snider gained in the Arts Studies Program at NCSU serves her business activities and her continually growing understanding of the complexities of art in Central America.

To learn more about Suzanne Snider and Ford Fine Art, follow this link to Ford Fine Art.