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Andy Taylor Shares Political Insights with Alums

Political expert Andy Taylor

When some 170 NC State alums gathered at the Greensboro Country Club recently, they got an earful about politics. And they hung on every word.

Dr. Andy Taylor, professor of political science and NC State’s resident expert on American politics and elections, was the Alumni Association’s featured speaker. “In a battleground state like ours, and in the weeks leading up to a presidential election, we knew our alums would appreciate hearing Dr. Taylor interpret some of what we’re seeing,” said Brandi Orbin, CHASS Associate Director of Development. “And he did not disappoint. Dr. Taylor provided historical context and contemporary analysis that was incredibly informative as well as interesting.”

Dean Jeff Braden was on hand to introduce Taylor, saying, “You’ve probably heard him on NPR, seen him on WRAL, and read interviews with him in your local papers or the New York Times. But let me tell you a little bit about Dr. Andrew J. Taylor, professor of Political Science in our college’s School of Public and International Affairs.

“He’s an award-winning teacher, and a researcher who has helped obtain grants worth $1.2 million to support research and teaching in American Government. Andy has an uncanny understanding of how politics and systems work (and sometimes don’t). His latest book is called The Floor in Congressional Life. An earlier book of Andy’s called Elephant’s Edge: The Republicans as a Ruling Party, has proved to be prescient in many ways. He’s a widely published scholar whose awards include most recently being named president elect of the North Carolina Political Science Association.”

Chancellor Randy Woodson also spoke at the event that was sponsored by Laura and Dean Norman ’78, Vickie and Jimmy Clark ’74, Carolyn and Lenwood Dennis ’66, Paula and E.O. Ferrell ’66, Jeff ’81 and Neal Hill ’80, Martha and David Howard ’81, Chuck and Mary Jones, and Jane ’68 and Steve Warren ’68.

To find out about alumni events in your area, visit the NC State Alumni Association’s event calendar.

Andy Taylor and several of his colleagues from the Department of Political Science are leading a forum on the 2012 presidential election on Monday, October 15, 4:30 – 6:00 pm, on the NC State University campus (Winston 029). The forum is free and open to the public.