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Prof Shevaun Neupert Named Outstanding Teacher

Shevaun Neupert

The NC State Alumni Association is honoring Shevaun Neupert, associate professor of psychology, as one of seven Outstanding Teachers. Enjoy this chat that Alumni Association writer Bill Krueger recently had with Dr. Neupert about the keys to being a successful teacher and what gives her the greatest satisfaction as a professor.

Neupert’s research focuses on individual differences in the way people respond to stressors across the adult lifespan. She works with graduate and undergraduate students in her research lab, has invited undergraduates to academic conferences, has seven undergraduates who are authors on published journal articles, and she sits on 28 graduate student committees.

Although grad students often find statistics courses extremely challenging, Neupert makes the subject matter accessible by using an innovative, hands-on workshop style that creates a dynamic and interactive environment. And students report she has the special gift of being able to simplify complex material. As a result, her students gain confidence and can incorporate her methods into their own research. As one of her colleagues tells it, “Shevaun conveys and lives the idea that statistical methods are fun, fascinating and super cool. Her excitement is contagious.”