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CHASS Student of the Month: April 2012

Meet Rachel Barnum, student of the month. Hometown: Greenville, NC Class: Senior Major: Science, Technology & Society Sample Courses:

  • Life Cycle Nutrition
  • Bio-Medical Ethics
  • Technology in Society and Culture


  • Intern, Stop Hunger Now, Spring 2012
  • Intern, Safari Professionals, Spring 2012
  • Co-founder/Secretary, Roots & Shoots (NCSU animal conservation club)
  • Health Occupation Student Association
  • Nutrition Club
  • Intern, NCSU Office of Technology Transfer, Fall 2011

Previous Education: Transferred from Pitt Community College (Greenville, NC), 2009 Postgraduate Plans: Graduate school in International Studies or Development Studies, with the goal of working with non-profits.  What have been your favorite courses? World Population and Food with Dr. Bob Patterson. He really stands out. Also, Community Food Security. As part of that course, we participated as volunteers with the Inter-faith Food Shuttle, a Raleigh nonprofit that grows its own foods and provides to those less fortunate. I saw that even though we are surrounded by food in this city, some people cannot get access to affordable nutrition. What has been your biggest challenge at NC State? Deciding what I want to do! Every time I meet a faculty member who is passionate about what they do, I want to get involved. I would choose ten majors if I could! I began as a Nutrition major in CALS, but decided it wasn’t for me. Science, Technology & Society really hit me as very policy-focused, and it showed me there are many avenues to working with nonprofits. What advice would you give incoming students? Contact your professors! Even if you send them one e-mail question about something they mentioned in class, it establishes a connection. Explore all opportunities. I had not even considered going to graduate school until coming here, and I also have a new appreciation for all Raleigh has to offer.