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Alumni Profile: Rachel Single

Rachel graduated from NC State with degrees in  International Studies and Communication, and a minor in Russian Studies. After studying abroad in Prague before her senior year, she decided that after graduation she would live abroad. She lived in Moscow for over 2 years (she taught English at a private school and studied Russian) and was then promoted to Teacher Recruiter and transferred to Shanghai, China, where she gave other Americans and native English speakers the opportunity to live abroad like she had). During her time abroad she also traveled to Croatia (with her host family), Ukraine and around Russia. Currently she attends the University of Pittsburgh for graduate school, studying Public and International Affairs as well as Business Administration. She is also an intern with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, working on fundraising for their global education programs. In the future she’d like to either continue working in the education sector, use her Russian language abilities to organize exchange programs abroad, or work for the government.