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CHASS December Student of the Month

Erika Koerner

  • Home Town: Morganton, NC
  • Class: Senior
  • Major(s):
    • International Studies; German Studies
    • Minor in Russian Studies
  • Sample Courses:
    • Russian Cinema and Society
    • Germany Since 1871
    • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Activities:
    • President 2011-2012, Delta Phi Alpha German Honorary Society
    • Study Abroad Spring 2011, European University Viadrina (Frankfurt, Germany)
    • NCSU International Delegations Ambassador
    • CHASS Student Ambassador
    • NCSU Housing Judicial Board
    • NCSU Mountain Biking Team
    • Ballroom Dancing Team
  • Honors:
    • University Scholars Program
  • Postgraduate Plans: Seeking an internship in Germany; Free University in Berlin for graduate studies in international relations.
  • Career Goals: Working in international or European politics.

Why did you select CHASS?

I was impressed with the number of programs offered, and with the quality of the German Studies and International Studies majors.

Which courses were your favorite?

I enjoyed European Politics with Dr. Mark Nance and Green Germany with Dr. Helga Braunbeck. Dr. Braunbeck has been particularly helpful offering guidance on study abroad and career issues.

What was most valuable about your study abroad experience?

In Germany, the focus is on European issues, such as environmental sustainability. Sometimes that gets sidelined here in the U.S., so it was helpful to get a different view. We truly live in a global community now, with business and science interconnected across the globe, so adding that perspective is beneficial.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Start a foreign language early in college. It is valuable to any career, and can complement any major.