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Taste Dialect Stew at NC State Fair

Danica Cullinan and Neal Hutcheson preparing the exhibit.

Calling all dingbatters!** When you head to the State Fair, make sure you get a taste of North Carolina dialect stew. A CHASS exhibit celebrating the state’s richly-flavored  dialects will introduce fair-goers to the language traditions that are uniquely ours.

The language and dialect booth, sponsored by the North Carolina Language and Life Project (NCLLP),  is a “unique opportunity for visitors to celebrate one of North Carolina’s greatest cultural resources—our rich legacy of dialects and languages,” said Walt Wolfram, Director of the NCLLP. “North Carolina has one of the most varied dialect landscapes in the United States. I want folks to appreciate that cultural tradition.”

The NCLLP exhibit includes a variety of interactive posters, videos and audio stations where visitors can see and hear language variations from across the Tar Heel State. Can you tell the difference between Mountain Talk and the Outer Banks dialect? You may want to brush up on your dialect recognition skills  before you go.

**Pssst: a dingbatter is an outsider on Ocracoke.