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Psychology Professor Receives Engagement and Scholarship Award

Psychology Professor John Begeny has earned the Opal Mann Green Engagement and Scholarship Award and NC State’s Outstanding Extension Service Award. Begeny and his team were recognized for their work with the Raleigh Boys & Girls Club and the NCSU Partnership to Improve Literacy.

Over the past three years, Begeny and his team worked closely with the Washington Elementary Boys & Girls Club to create a tutoring program aimed at improving the reading skills of students. They helped the students build their confidence as readers while building relationships between NC State students and Boys & Girls Club students. Begeny’s team shared responsibilities for facilitating, coordinating, evaluating, improving, and sustaining the program. Their efforts resulted in the Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) reading program, and a nonprofit organization called the HELPS Education Fund that supports this mission.

The Opal Mann Green Engagement and Scholarship Award memorializes Dr. Green’s distinguished leadership and dedication to the values of using democracy in the classroom, in the community, and at home; creating inclusive teams; and community-based learning.

by Lauren Lopez-Ibanez, student intern