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Blog all about it

CHASS students are blogging around NC State’s campus. They are writing about everything from their favorite classes to napping in Caldwell Lounge. NC State’s various blogs are an outlet for students to share their experiences with their peers, future students and alumni. Their insights detail what real student life is all about.

Caroline Linker explains the versatility of her major, Communication. “Since I was young, I have loved public speaking. It’s weird, I know,” Linker jokes. “But my desire to interact and communicate with people led me to think about a career in communication when I was a junior in high school.”

Andrea Smith explains the ins and outs of CHASS buildings for entering freshman. Smith says, “To me, the east side of campus and the Court is the prettiest part of State because it has the oldest buildings and huge, beautiful trees.”

Undergraduate research provides students with invaluable experience and networking possibilities. Whitley Carpenter recounts her participation in psychology research with Dr. Mary Haskett. “There are tons of professors conducting research that would love to have you work in their labs,” Carpenter says. “I would definitely recommend that everyone participate in undergraduate research at some point during their time here at NC State!”

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