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CHASS Student of the Month – September 2009

Tracy Turnbull

Photo of Tracy Turnbull

  • Home Town: Peachland, NC
  • Class: Senior
  • Major(s):
    • International Studies; Agricultural Education
    • Minors: Animal Science; History; Spanish
  • Sample Courses:
    • Agricultural Law
    • Bio-medical Ethics
    • European Politics
    • The Protestant and Catholic Reformation of the 16th Century
  • Activities:
    • Thomas Jefferson Scholars (Dual degree program between CHASS and CALS)
    • University Scholars Program
    • Study Abroad in Ireland, Summer 2008
    • Sigma Alpha Pi Leadership Organization
    • NCSU Horse Judging Team
    • NCSU Western Riding Team, Treasurer
    • Pre-Law Students Association
    • International Studies Club
    • Student liaison, Service Raleigh 2009
    • NC Equine Rescue League volunteer
    • Agri-Life Council Representative, 2006-2008
  • Honors:
    • Dr. Glazener Merit Scholarship, 2009-10
    • American Quarter Horse Foundation Scholarship, 2006-10
  • Postgraduate Plans: Law school
  • Career Goals: Legal field; perhaps teaching.

Why did you select CHASS?

I loved both the humanities and sciences and didn’t want to choose between them. I think you can’t truly have one without the other – they are intertwined. CHASS majors are also so diverse – International Studies, Philosophy, Literature – yet they all overlap with each other and tie together.

What faculty and courses have influenced you?

I really enjoyed my International Studies seminar with Dr. Seth Murray. The differences in perspectives and backgrounds among students in the class was extremely interesting. Dr. William Kimler, a Faculty Mentor for the Jefferson Scholars, has also been influential. He gets to know you personally, and talks to you as much more than just a student.

What has been your biggest challenge at NCSU?

I came from a very small town, and thought NC State was vast. With more than 30,000 people crossing the Brickyard, who would ever remember my name?! I went home on weekends very often during my freshman year and it wasn’t until mid-sophomore year that I started to join student organizations and get more involved. I really started to feel more a part of campus and saw that “belonging here” was easier than it looked at first.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

Try everything, even if you’re not sure it will suit you. Don’t get stuck in your ways and be afraid to try new things. I thought I would come to NC State, become a vet, and go back to my hometown. Now, however, I have studied abroad, done internships, and had opportunities I never dreamed of. A lot of people tell you things will be different in college, but you usually don’t believe them. If you come here with a set plan, be prepared for it to change!

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