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2009 Faculty Awards

CHASS faculty awards were presented on April 28, 2009.

UNC Board of Governors’ Teaching Award

Maxine Atkinson is a Professor of Sociology and head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at NC State. She was selected as the recipient of this year’s UNC Board of Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, the most prestigious teaching award given to faculty.

University Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

Professor of Religious Studies William Adler was a University Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor selected by the NC State Alumni Association.

University Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor 

Professor of Sociology Michael Schwalbe (pictured) and Professor of History S. Thomas Parker were the CHASS nominees for the University Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, an award given by the NC State Alumni Association. Parker was this year’s CHASS recipient.

Lonnie and Carol Lynn Poole Award

Professor of History Matthew Booker (not pictured) received the Lonnie and Carol Lynn Poole Award for Excellence in Teaching.

CHASS Outstanding Lecturer Award

Matt Porter, Department of English, won the CHASS Outstanding Lecturer Award.

CHASS Outstanding Advising Award
Sandy Stallings, Department of Communication, and Jeffrey Reaser, Department of English, are this year’s winners of the CHASS Outstanding Advising Awards. Nominations for these awards come from our students.

CHASS Outstanding Junior Faculty Award
Anna Bigelow, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, received the CHASS Outstanding Junior Faculty Award. This award recognizes the assistant professor in the College judged to have the most significant professional accomplishments during the first years of his or her career at NC State. Other nominees (not pictured) were Martha Crowley (Sociology and Anthropology), James Michnowicz (Foreign Languages and Literatures), Shevaun Neupert (Psychology), Jeffrey Reaser (English), and Richard Waters (Communication).

CHASS Alumni Distinguished Research Award

Tom Hess, Professor of Psychology, and Scott Fitzpatrick, Professor of Anthropology, were the CHASS nominees of the NC State Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award. Hess was chosen as this year’s recipient (not pictured).

University Outstanding Extension Awards
The University Outstanding Extension Award recognizes excellence and promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary contributions with off-campus constituencies. Neal Hutcheson, Department of English, received this year’s award and was inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension.