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Veljko Dubljevic

photo looking up inside Talley Student Union's technology tower

Jan 31, 2022

2021-22 University Faculty Scholars Named

Four Humanities and Social Sciences faculty members are being recognized for their outstanding academic achievements and contributions to NC State through their teaching, scholarship and service. 

night-time photo shows two lines of traffic, one moving toward the camera, and one moving away from the camera

Sep 2, 2021

Study: Benefits Outweigh Risks for Autonomous Vehicles – As Long As You Regulate Them

NC State researchers find that the potential benefits of autonomous vehicles could substantially outweigh the risks. 

headshot of Elizabeth Eskander

Aug 23, 2021

Undergraduate Researcher Studies Adolescent Morality, Ethical Programming of Autonomous Vehicles

Meet Elizabeth Eskander, a double-major in psychology and biology, who works as an undergraduate researcher with professor Veljko Dubljevic and the NeuroComputational Ethics Research Group. 

headshot of Veljko Dubljevic

Feb 17, 2021

Dubljevic Receives NSF CAREER Award

Veljko Dubljevic, an assistant professor of philosophy and science, technology and society at NC State, has received a prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. 

humanoid robot with touchscreen interface

Dec 8, 2020

Tackling Ethics Concerns Regarding Use of ‘Carebots’ to Assist Older Adults

What's actually possible with carebots? And what's ethical? A new analysis from NC State highlights the pros and cons of technologies that use artificial intelligence (AI) to benefit older adults. 

x-ray shows electrodes implanted in a human brain

Nov 16, 2020

Studies Outline Key Ethical Questions Surrounding Brain-Computer Interface Tech

Brain-computer interfaces are becoming more common, but as College of Humanities and Social Sciences researchers explain, ethical questions remain. 

aerial view of highway

Jul 14, 2020

What Ethical Models for Autonomous Vehicles Don’t Address – And How They Could Be Better

What happens if people use autonomous vehicles to do something bad? Philosophy and science, technology and society professor Veljko Dubljevic explains the ethical concerns. 

photo looking up inside Talley Student Union's technology tower

Oct 28, 2019

NC State Researchers Land NSF Grant to Develop AI Tools for Workforce Empowerment

The $980,000 grant will allow NC State researchers to develop new artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help job seekers and employers manage a rapidly changing labor market. 

An image of the brain

May 8, 2019

The Ethics and Challenges Surrounding Neuroenhancement

New work from philosophy professor Veljko Dubljevic explores the ethics of neuroenhancement and calls for legal and regulatory oversight of the emerging technologies. 

An assortment of pills sit on a white table

Aug 20, 2018

Proposal Seeks to Improve Assessment of Drug Risks

In a new paper, philosophy professor Veljko Dubljevic proposes a suite of changes to overhaul the Multi-Criteria Drug Harm Scale, which informs drug policies across Europe.