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A man in overralls stands next to a cow, in front of a barn

Jul 3, 2018

Six Must-See 21st Century Documentaries About Life in North Carolina

Film studies professor Marsha Gordon lists six memorable documentaries, released within the past 20 years, that capture the spirit of North Carolina. 

Jun 26, 2018

Global Education in Guatemala

Anthropologist Tim Wallace recently left for his seventeenth summer conducting NC State's Ethnographic Field School in Guatemala, his last in an NC State career that began in 1974. 

Taura Simmons takes notes at her desk

Apr 27, 2018

Creating Global Community

English as a Second Language (ESL) graduates bridge language gaps abroad, across our state and on our campus. 

Student places sticky note on the wall

Apr 27, 2018

Students Shape Real Solutions to Social Problems

Partnering with nonprofits and other organizations, NC State’s Social Innovation Fellows seek real solutions to global challenges. 

Empty Movie Theater

Apr 27, 2018

Meet Me at the Movies

Do you know your movie trivia? Take our quiz, developed by NC State film studies professor Devin Orgeron. 

Tyler Dukes talks to a coworker in the newsroom

Apr 27, 2018

Alum Takes High-Tech Approach to Investigative Journalism

Alum Tyler Dukes is a public records reporter. That’s his official title, at least. You could also call him a data curator, web developer or open government advocate. 

Mary Haskett talks with students.

Apr 27, 2018

Exploring Hunger and Homelessness at NC State

Far too many NC State students are at risk for homelessness and hunger, as research from psychologist Mary Haskett shows. 

Apr 27, 2018

Side by Side with the Dean

The Side by Side with the Dean contest gives one student and our dean an opportunity to experience each other’s life on campus. Get a glimpse of their day together in this photo gallery. 

Justin Lockett moves his chess piece

Apr 27, 2018

Chess Champion Brings His Game to Campus

For Justin Lockett, chess is a lifestyle. See how the NC State junior incorporates lessons from the game into his life on and off campus. 

paper origami wolf on desk

Apr 27, 2018

Make Your Own Origami Wolf

Watch this video to see how to fashion your own wolf. With a few easy folds and creases, you’ll have a sweet reminder of how we think and do at NC State.