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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Recognized at CHASSYs Award Ceremony

Faculty and staff were recognized for college, university and national level awards.

Recently, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences recognized its outstanding faculty and staff for their accomplishments and contributions to the college and NC State.

The college’s award ceremony, nicknamed the CHASSYs, gives the college a chance to acknowledge the hard work faculty and staff have done throughout the year.

The following staff members were recognized:

  • SHRA Award for Excellence: Samantha Blackburn (English)
  • EHRA Award for Excellence: Justin Daves (CHASS IT)
  • Pride of the Wolfpack Award: Cristina Carillo (Psychology)
  • Service Award, 30 Years: Hope Ziglar (Academic and Faculty Affairs)
  • Service Award, 25 Years: Bruce Cheek (Interdisciplinary Affairs and Partnerships)
  • Service Award, 20 Years: Missy Thomas (Research and Engagement)
  • Service Award, 20 Years: Kathy Whaley (Development)
  • Service Award, 20 Years: Scott Maddox (CHASS IT)
  • Service Award, 15 Years: Claudia Kearney (Center for Family and Community Engagement)
  • Service Award, 15 Years: Carletta Smith (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Service Award, 10 Years: April Whitaker (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Service Award, 10 Years: Lindsey Corbin (CHASS IT)
  • Service Award, 5 Years: Candice Helton (Center for Family and Community Engagement)
  • Service Award, 5 Years: Marissa Turner (Center for Family and Community Engagement)

The following faculty members earned college-specific awards:

  • Outstanding Research, Scholarship and Creativity Award: Isaac Woods (Psychology)
  • Community Impact Award: Natalie Murr (Psychology)
  • Community Impact Award: Mindy Sopher (Communication)
  • Outstanding Professional Faculty Award: Inma Navarro (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor/Mentor Award: Kelly Lynn Mulvey (Psychology)
  • International Research and Collaboration Award: Yang “Alice” Cheng (Communication)
  • Outstanding Junior Faculty, Humanities: Sumita Chakraborty (English)
  • Outstanding Junior Faculty, Social Sciences: Jennifer Carroll (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Faculty Colleague Mentoring Award: David Berube (Communication)
  • Faculty Colleague Mentoring Award: Jeffery Braden (Psychology)

In addition to the college faculty awards, multiple scholars have been recognized at both the university and national levels:

  • University Faculty Scholar: Belle Boggs (English)
  • University Faculty Scholar: Yang “Alice” Cheng (Communication)
  • University Faculty Scholar: Vanessa Volpe (Psychology)
  • NC State Outstanding Teacher Award: Anna Behler (Psychology)
  • NC State Outstanding Teacher Award: Margaret Simon (English)
  • Provost’s Faculty Fellow: William Bauer (Philosophy and Religious Studies)
  • Provost’s Faculty Fellow: Alan Ellis (Social Work)
  • Provost’s Faculty Fellow: Seth Murray (Interdisciplinary Affairs and Partnerships)
  • University Faculty Advisor Award: Elizabeth Wagner (English)
  • University Faculty Advisor Award: Adriana de Souza e Silva (Communication)
  • University Outstanding Engagement Award: Scott Stage (Psychology)
  • Chancellor’s Creating Community Professional Award: Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi (Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
  • Fulbright Scholar: Lauren Brooks (World Languages and Cultures)
  • Fulbright Scholar: Nora Haenn (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Fulbright Scholar: Intae Yoon (Social Work)
  • National Humanities Center Fellow (2024-25): Belle Boggs (English)
  • National Humanities Center Fellow (2024-25): Susanna Lee (History)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow: David Berube (Communication)
  • Guggenheim Museum’s Poet-in-Residence (2024): Meg Day