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From College to Congress

Lily Vaughn stands on a balcony, with the Capitol in the background.

“Watching political history being made and working for the law-making body of America,” are what junior Lily Vaughn says she enjoyed most about being a congressional intern on Capitol Hill this summer.

For two months, the political science major with a concentration in law and justice worked for Congressman Greg Murphy, who represents the 3rd district of North Carolina.

In that time Vaughn, who is also earning minors in graphic communications and journalism, gained valuable work experience and saw lessons learned in her classes at NC State come to life on the national political stage.

Lily Vaughn walks through Cannon House Office Building during her internship in Washington, D.C.

Vaughn’s day-to-day tasks varied. They ranged from answering phone calls, emails and letters from constituents and attending hearings and briefings to running errands and leading tours of such iconic structures as the White House and the Capitol Building. She also assisted the legislative staff and met daily with the three-term congressman, who knew her by name, which she described as “pretty cool.”

The most challenging part of her job? “The sheer amount of talking I did,” explains Vaughn, who aspires to attend law school after she graduates in 2025. “Don’t get me wrong I like talking. But at the end of the day – WOW. I was pretty tired.”

In this video, Vaughn shares more about her internship experience and daily routine, advice to fellow students and more while giving us a tour of the Cannon House Office Building where she worked this summer.