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Internship Focus: Abbie Vogel

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Meet senior Abbie Vogel, an intern with International Focus Inc. in Raleigh. Learn more about how her work provided valuable experience in international relations.


Major in Communication with a specialization in Public Relations; Minor in Journalism

Why did you choose to do an internship at International Focus (IF)?

The internship enabled me to build upon my interests in marketing and public relations. It also offered me the opportunity to work in international relations. The nonprofit aims to build global understanding between people in North Carolina’s Triangle region and the international community through education, the arts, and economic and cultural exchange.

What are some of your primary responsibilities?

As an intern at IF, I worked with international business executives to hone their skills through workshops via Zoom. I also collaborated on the nonprofit’s annual art show, which was super exciting and quite an undertaking. Due to the pandemic, this year was the first time IF hosted a virtual art show.

What is something you learned from the internship that surprised you?

I was quite nervous on my first day, which is normal! I have been, however, genuinely and happily surprised by how welcoming everyone at the nonprofit has been toward me from the moment I started the internship.

How do you juggle the internship and your studies?

Interning while completing the last semester of senior year is quite a juggling act. Therefore, it is super important to stay organized. I swear by my Google Calendar. I write down every assignment, team meeting, etc., which enables me to get a grasp on what is in front of me each day.  

How will this internship enrich your academic experience and prepare you for your future?

After I graduate this spring, I will enter an accelerated one-year MBA program at the College of Charleston. With this quick timeline, the organization and time management skills I gained interning at IF will be indispensable.

What advice would you give other students seeking an internship?

Students must apply for internships at companies and in fields they are truly interested in. Doing so will ensure they get the most from their experience.

Would you do it again?

Of course! However, next time I would do it without the pandemic looming over our heads.