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Three NC State Students Named Gilman Scholarship Winners

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Three NC State students are the recipients of the prestigious Gilman Scholarship for the 2021 academic year. The Gilman Scholarship’s mission is to “enable American students to gain proficiency in diverse languages and cultures, skills that are critically important to their academic and career development.” In fact, 80% of Gilman Scholars acquired job-related skills.

Overall, the scholarship awards each student with up to $5,000 to cover any costs associated with studying or interning abroad. However, given the current circumstances, the Gilman Program offers flexibility to participants whose plans may be impacted.

This year’s scholarship recipients are now part of the 33,000 Gilman alumni pool. The recipients share what they are most looking forward to in their upcoming adventures.

Starr Gibens

  • Double major in Political Science with a Law and Justice concentration and Communication with a Media concentration

“Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak I was hoping to study in Santiago, Chile. However, given the circumstances of the global pandemic I’d still appreciate an opportunity to study abroad in another country. I am most excited to expand my global perspective through service and study human rights issues outside of the United States. I am also looking forward to experiencing the diversity of the African Diaspora. My Follow-on Service Project will be to generate counseling center support for students planning to study abroad. A healthy emotional state is critical to increasing student confidence and self-efficacy on their path to achieving their dream study abroad experience. The ideal counseling service would better prepare students to meet application demands for study abroad programs and respond well to challenges they may face while abroad.

Angel Hernandez

  • Major in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management

“I plan to study abroad in the U.K, specifically Leeds or Manchester. I’m looking forward to meeting students, trying foods, and exploring the scenery. For my follow-on service project I plan to create a documentary showing a before and after of my opinion on what my time will be like and how it actually was, some interviews with an array of different people, and just some highlights of the trip.”

Anthony Ramsey

  • Major in International Studies and Arabic

“Considering the last time I went to France I was only there for four days, the thing I am most excited about for my study abroad is being able to explore France. The whole reason I am going to France is to study French, so while I’m there I intend to use the language as much as possible and grow in my proficiency. I am really excited about all the interactions with native speakers I will have and the connections I will make. I can’t wait to get a more intimate look at the language and culture and to enjoy the little locations, memories, and secrets that I will experience this summer but cherish forever.”

This post was originally published in Office of Global Engagement.