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My NC State Story: Bonnie Tronzo (Political Science ‘05)

Bonnie Tronzo (third from left) says internship opportunities at NC State allowed her to find her passion and help those struggling with mental health issues.

My Humanities and Social Sciences degree from NC State has been instrumental in my life and career. From a very young age, I knew that I wanted to help people who were struggling with mental health issues. My internship with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety allowed me to work with underserved populations and increased my desire to help others who were struggling with their unmet mental health needs. 

This led me to pursue a graduate degree in counseling and open my own mental health practice to help individuals and families. Without the opportunities that were made possible through NC State, I would not have reached my career goals or obtained my level of success. I am happy to employ many other therapists who are also helping others in our community. 

I was recently interviewed by the local CBS affiliate about how COVID-19 is causing many people to miss milestones and how this has impacted their lives. I am also working with SAS to record videos for their employees on mental health topics that they could be struggling with and offering support to them.

Bonnie Tronzo is a psychotherapist and owner of Reflections Counseling Services of NC, PLLC.