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Student Contest: Spend a Day With the Dean

Enter our Side by Side with the Dean contest by Feb. 9.

Switch shoes with Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Jeff Braden on March 21: Step right up and enter the “Side by Side with the Dean” contest.

As a Humanities and Social Sciences student, you’ve got a busy schedule. Dean Braden wants to learn what it’s like to be a student here. And he wants to share what it’s like to be a dean.

So tell us why the dean should experience your day, and why you’d like to walk in his shoes.

The contest winner will spend the day with Dean Braden on Wednesday, March 21. He’ll come to your classes, meetings, internship — whatever’s on your schedule that day. You’ll tend to the business of the college alongside the dean: meet with key campus leaders and donors, make decisions that affect the future of the college, deal with challenges small and large.

This experience would not only look good on your resume, it’s also a unique opportunity to see what it’s like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes (not to mention hang out with the dean). To be eligible, applicants must be an undergraduate Humanities and Social Sciences major; be available on the contest day, March 21; and have at least two classes on your schedule for the day. To apply, fill out this form by Feb. 9.