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Year: 2011

Nov 16, 2011

Dean Braden in Scientific American

CHASS Dean and Professor of Psychology Jeff Braden was called upon for his expertise in human nature for a column in Scientific American  about the Penn State child sexual abuse scandal. In a guest post written by Piedmont Laureate Scott Huler, Braden and other psychologists weigh in about why people hesitate to intervene when confronted… 

Nov 16, 2011

“ACC Road Trip” Host Comes to Town

An unpaid internship at Turner Sports evolved into a 14-year career doing on-air promotions for Tommy Kane (Comm '93). The former basketball player returned to campus to film "ACC Road Trip," his award-winning show that highlights campus football culture. 

Nancy Snow and Christina LaCanfora

Nov 16, 2011

Paying it Forward

Christina LaCanfora (Comm and Sociology '07) was so grateful for the scholarship support she received from the Department of Communication that she’s replenished the fund twice. “It feels fantastic to know that you are making it a little easier for a student to finish a degree by reducing the stress of money,” says LaCanfora, 25. She received the Nancy and Melinda Snow Scholarship and has since donated to the scholarship, with her employer, ExxonMobil, matching her donation three to one. 

Laura Lunsford

Nov 15, 2011

Laura Lunsford: Why I Give

Laura Lunsford (BS ’88, PhD ’07, Psy) is assistant professor of Psychology at University of Arizona South. She is the former director of NC State’s Park Scholarships program. Lunsford created an endowment at NC State to support graduate students in the Department of Psychology. Discover why she gives. 

Nov 14, 2011

Pro Bono Service Pays Off for CHASS Grad

If you’ve ever wondered how an unpaid service-learning experience could ever possibly pay off, meet Jake Gellar-Goad. Recent CHASS graduate Gellar-Goad (MPA, 2011) was no stranger to volunteer work when he chose to take Professor Branda Nowell’s service-learning course on program evaluation. In addition to volunteering as a coordinator during Mark Kleinschmidt’s campaign in 2009,… 

Nov 9, 2011

Dean for a Day Contest Underway

The annual Dean for a Day contest is underway. A student takes on the dean's responsibilities, attending to the business of the college. Meanwhile, Dean Braden follows the student's schedule. He goes to class, studies at the library, and gets reminded about what it's like to walk in a student's shoes. Stay tuned! 

Nov 8, 2011

Chancellor Woodson Visits CHASS

CHASS welcomed NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson for a visit to the college on October 31.  Chancellor Woodson started his afternoon with a lunch with CHASS students. He listened to their concerns about tuition increases, curricular adjustments, and other pressing issues, and shared his perspectives with the students. Then, after a session with college administrators, the… 

Nov 7, 2011

Students Head to DC to Ask, ‘Who’s Responsible for the Message?’

Park scholar Joshua Chappell was among a group of students who spent their fall break in Washington, D.C., analyzing the media’s impact on the dissemination of information in the United States. Chappell, who’s majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Spanish and Business Administration, called the trip “informative and rewarding. I learned a lot from… 

Hayden Bauguess

Nov 7, 2011

Scholarship Gives Poli-Sci Major Political Insights from the Halls of Congress

An alumna's philanthropy enabled Hayden Bauguess to intern in the halls of Congress. Sandra Latta (Political Science ’84) put this student's dream within reach. 

Nov 1, 2011

Helping Soldiers Talk the Talk

Several years ago, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures received a grant to teach ROTC students five critical languages: Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Russian and Urdu. That grant launched Project Gold, an intensive summer program that helps prepare future leaders to understand both the languages and the cultures of the places they're going.