Student Organizations

Explore your interests. Broaden your mind. Meet like-minded friends and those whose views challenge your own. Here are some of the many opportunities available to you. Unless otherwise noted, please contact the faculty adviser listed for details.

Anthropology Club

The Anthropology Club welcomes all majors to join in our exploration of human origins, material remains and culture. We meet several times a month and host speakers, outings and discussions of interest to our members. Come build your social networks, meet potential mentors and advance your studies. 

Connect with us on Facebook.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Alison Greene

Arabic Club

The Arabic Club is a bi-weekly social gathering of NC State students who are studying or speak Arabic. Come practice your Arabic outside the classroom with peers of varying skill levels. Learn more about Middle Eastern customs and traditions while you enjoy Middle Eastern cultural events.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Jodi Khater.

Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA) 

Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA) is a student leader council that serves the Asian American Pacific Islander student organizations and the community at NC State by being an informative resource on funding and support, promoting cultural programs on campus, encouraging leadership growth, and creating collaborative and networking opportunities. 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Nathaniel Isaacson.

Baccalaureate Student Social Work Association (BSSWA)

The Baccalaureate Student Social Work Association gives social work students the chance to interact with other social work majors and practitioners in the community. Share your concerns and ideas, participate in fundraising and service projects for the community and enhance your professional development.

Faculty AdviserDr. Intae Yoon

Chinese Club at NC State

Chinese Club at NC State is a group of Chinese majors and minors who are interested in learning more about Chinese culture. We host events celebrating Chinese and American festivals/holidays and hold meetings to take a more in-depth look at Chinese cultural aspects.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Nathaniel Isaacson.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are highly responsible undergraduate students who assist with college and university functions such as University Open House, Visiting Days, Majors Fairs, and Alumni Lunches. The Ambassadors’ mission is to promote NCSU and the college, keeping prospective students and campus partners up-to-date on the opportunities available in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Applications are available each March for the following academic year.  Applicants must have an officially declared Humanities and Social Sciences major, full-time status, and a minimum cumulative NCSU GPA of 2.7. Applicants must also have completed at least one full-time semester at NCSU at the time of application.

Ambassadors should be confident and comfortable speaking both one-on-one and in large groups, be enthusiastic about their college experience, and have a record of campus involvement and leadership potential.  Ambassadors can expect to volunteer approximately 10 hours per semester; hours vary based on dates of events and prospective student visits, and can include evenings or Saturdays. 

Faculty Adviser: Dara Leeder

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Council

This council promotes the interests and general welfare of students, furthers communication and cooperation among our college’s departments, and provides Humanities and Social Sciences students with a representative council. The council represents undergraduate student organizations, helps fund the college's organizational needs, handles funds received by the council, promotes leadership and participation, and helps organize the annual college career fair.

The Student Council also awards one or more Abraham Holtzman Scholarships each year to continuing undergraduates. This award is based on service to the community or the college, including community service, organizational leadership, volunteer activities and/or a commitment to raising the visibility and prestige of the college. Applications and additional details are generally available in mid-March for the following academic year.

Meetings for Fall 2019 are:

6-7 pm in Caldwell Hall Lounge on Monday, August 26, followed by 6-7 pm in Tompkins Hall G112 on the following Mondays: September 16, October 7, October 28, and November 18.

Faculty Adviser: Dara Leeder

Criminal Justice Club

The Criminal Justice Club aims to provide students interested in the criminal justice field an environment in which to further foster their interests, meet like-minded peers, and allow them the opportunity to network within the field. 

Faculty Adviser: Deann Judge

Delta Phi Alpha

The National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha, recognizes excellence in German studies and provides an incentive for higher scholarship. We promote the study of the German language, literature and civilization through monthly events and meetings as well as service to the NC State community.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Lutz Kube

Egyptian Student Association

This organization aims to integrate the Egyptian student community in North America with the research community and general public around the world. We support and advocate for community issues, and help new Egyptian students through their journey at NC State. We also serve as a cultural interface for Egypt, the Middle East, and Islam through cultural and social events. Our association follows up on scientific deficiencies in Egypt and seeks solutions. Our chapter is open to all NC State students.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Sami Rizkalla


Established in 1940 by a group of ambitious South Asian students at NC State, EKTAA – which means “unity” in Hindi – is a multi-faceted nonprofit South Asian organization. We promote awareness of South Asian culture to the Triangle area and benefit a number of international communities across South Asia through a variety of social, service and cultural events throughout the year.  

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Nilakshi Phukan.

English Club

The English Club provides a forum for expanding knowledge about English studies and for sharing student work. We meet monthly to discuss literature, film and language as well as careers available to English majors, how to choose and apply to graduate schools and where to publish creative and academic work. We often have guest speakers and feature students' creative works.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Brian Blackley 

French Club

The French Club (Le Cercle Français) provides students and interested members of the NC State community with an opportunity to practice speaking French and to learn about French and Francophone cultures. We meet twice a month for conversation and cultural activities such as celebrations of special holidays, food tasting or informal presentations.  

Faculty Adviser: Turi Hoversten.

Gamma Kappa Alpha (Italian Honor Society)

The Italian Honor Society Gamma Kappa Alpha signifies "Knowledge and Virtue." The purposes of the Society are to recognize the outstanding scholastic performance in the fields of Italian languages and literature and to encourage college students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture.  Inductees receive a certificate of membership.  


Faculty Adviser: Anna Rita Bonnaduce-Dressler.

History Club

The History Club enriches the study of history, not only for history majors but also for all currently enrolled students. This club encompasses the entirety of historical study. Come socialize and engage in intellectual discussion with fellow students and faculty members. The Club meets once a week and occasionally arranges trips to sites of historical and cultural significance as well as history-related movie nights.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Kimberly Vincent.

Hmong Student Association

The Hmong Student Association builds awareness of the Hmong culture by not only being a resource for NC State but also for the Hmong community and the public. Join us for forums, discussions and educational and recreational activities on and off campus.


Faculty Adviser: Dr. John Mertz

International Studies Club

International Studies Club immerses students in various global issues and cultures through meetings, participating in international events, listening to speakers, watching foreign films, engaging in language exchange and volunteering and raising funds for myriad causes and organizations. ISC values the diversity and assortment of cultural backgrounds that exists on campus. We welcome any individuals, groups and organizations to showcase their unique backgrounds through the club. We also invite individuals, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to inform members about important international issues, as well as volunteer and internship opportunities for students. Our activities include: “Global Voyager,” our themed meetings based on different countries; a Language Exchange Program and coffee hour for learning different languages; foreign-exchange socials; and discussions about local and international problems and their relation to globalization.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Carol Ann Lewald.

Italian Club

The Italian Club extends knowledge of Italian culture outside the classroom. Meeting activities consist of speaking Italian to one another, telling stories, and describing things of interest in Italian; field trips to museums and restaurants to learn more about Italian art, both on canvas and in the kitchen; and watching movies or other media events in Italian to gain a better understanding of the language.

Faculty Adviser: Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler.

Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta at NC State is the university's active chapter of the National Communication Honor Society. Our members are high-achieving students who strive to promote excellence through community service, networking and other enriching opportunities that the club offers. As a member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Student Council, we work with all of the college’s majors to create a professional atmosphere at NC State and create job opportunities for its graduates.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ryan Hurley.

Language Diversity Ambassadors at NCSU

The purpose of the Language Diversity Ambassadors is to promote awareness of linguistic diversity and linguistic discrimination on NC State’s campus as well as in society at large.  Our desire is to engage with the university community in a variety of ways in order to provide greater linguistic understanding and appreciation.  For more information:

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Walt Wolfram

Men in Social Work 

NCSU Men in Social Work is not a group exclusive to men, but rather an opportunity for those who work alonside men, for men, and on behalf of men to discuss and contribute to how men occupy space in the profession of social work. We strive to maintain a space where NCSU BSW and MSW students can collectively engage in community building, the promotion of social justice and transition their knowledge from the classroom to practice. Men in Social Work embodies the idea and practice of men navigating the spaces of the social work field while also creating space in the communities and places in which they serve. Part of this mission includes serving as volunteers and participants in other initiatives in a way that is meaningful and has a positive impact.

Faculty Adviser: Deric Boston

Mock Trial at NCSU

Mock Trial at NCSU educates students about the basics of trial advocacy. Through regular meetings and weekend mock trial events, our club helps members learn courtroom procedures, improve their public speaking skills and make connections within the legal field. 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Traciel Reid

Model United Nations

Model United Nations promotes awareness of international cooperation in several ways, including U.N. simulations. We send delegations representing different countries to attend various conferences, where they compete with other schools to gain a deeper knowledge of the United Nations. Contact us:

Connect with us on Facebook.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Struett.

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter of the Phi Alpha Honor Society is a tight-knit group of social work students who promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Our high-achieving members demonstrate involvement in the community by volunteering in service projects determined at the beginning of each semester. Eligible undergraduates must achieve sophomore status, declare social work as their major, complete eight semester hours or 12 quarter-hours of social work courses, have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and a minimum GPA of 3.25 in social work courses. Graduate students are eligible after completing one term of course work and achieving a GPA of at least 3.5. 

Faculty Adviser: Barbara Zelter.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club provides students with the opportunity to engage in discussion, debate, and focused readings on a wide range of philosophical topics. We meet weekly to discuss philosophical reading material, provide assistance in philosophy-related courses, and consider career opportunities for philosophy graduates. While philosophy can sometimes be rather esoteric, we welcome all interested students and encourage open and educated conversation.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Stephen Puryear.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club fosters exploration into politics, policy and government. We meet at least once a month, and our activities include student political debates, educational trips, hosting and attending lectures and social events. Members are not required to major in political science.

Faculty Adviser: Shannon Carey.

Pre-Law Students Association (PLSA)

We meet at least once a month and host a variety of speakers throughout year, including attorneys, deans of admission from various law schools and faculty and administrators from the university community. Our members engage in community service projects and participate in forums that help them prepare for law school.

Website: Pre-Law

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ray Easterlin.

Psi Chi

The International Honor Society in Psychology, Psi Chi, recognizes academic excellence among Psychology students. Invitation to the group is based on academic achievement and class standing.  Those invited to be a part of the NC State Chapter of Psi Chi will hold a lifetime membership and enjoy an array of benefits and features, such as access to events and activities just for Psi Chi members, student peer-reviewed journals and newsletters, and research and travel grant opportunities.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Bartholomew Craig

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides support and guidance to all undergraduate students with a devoted interest in psychology. Our goal is to help you better connect to your major by broadening your knowledge of the subject. We provide opportunities to interact with professors, graduate students and other guest speakers throughout the year. We also participate in social events that help members build strong relationships and develop teamwork skills. 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Anne McLaughlin

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

We serve our members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities. By providing opportunities to learn about current theories, procedures and ethical ideals, we help develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals who can contribute to the industry. 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Nicole Lee.

Sigma Iota Rho (International Studies Honors Society)

The Eta chapter of Sigma Iota Rho, established in 1991, promotes the scholarship and service of students studying global affairs. Our undergraduate members have completed at least 60 hours of university coursework (including at least 15 hours of international studies courses from three different disciplines). Members must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and a GPA of at least 3.3 in all courses counting toward International Studies (including at least 6 hours of upper-level international studies courses). 

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Seth Murray.

Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society)

Alpha Pi Theta, the NC State Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, recognizes high scholastic achievement and offers opportunities for leadership and service, as well as eligibility for Sigma Tau Delta scholarships. We welcome all students to attend our meetings and events. Formal membership is open to English majors and minors who have a 3.25 cumulative GPA, a 3.5 in their English courses and who have completed at least three semesters of college coursework (including at least two English courses at level 200 level or higher). Membership is also open to English graduate students in their second semester with a 3.3 overall GPA.  

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Margaret Simon.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is open to anyone from the NC State community. We provide opportunities to speak the language and increase awareness and knowledge of the Spanish-speaking world, including language, film, music, cuisine and history. Our meetings and events often include informal social and informational gatherings on campus as well as outings at Hispanic cultural events and restaurants in the area.

Faculty Adviser: Karen Coachman.

Student Film Society

The Student Film Society is a group of students passionate about cinema and everything involved with it! We meet weekly to plan for upcoming projects and to screen some of our favorite films. We are always looking for more members from all production backgrounds, or none at all! If you want to join, please email Society President Derek Edgren at for more information. Join our facebook group and follow our Instagram @ncsufilmclub.

Faculty Adviser: Andrew Johnston.

Student Senate

Student Senate is a group of 64 students, who proportionally represent each of the university's schools and colleges. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences holds eight seats in the Student Senate: three seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores. We strive to promote the general welfare of the student body, and our responsibilities include: enacting legislation, approving an Annual Student Body Budget for the Student Body funds, and confirming or rejecting appointments of the Student Body President. Additionally, in conjunction with the Department of Athletics, we determine student ticket distribution policies for football and men's basketball games. Most importantly, however, we represent the student voice to the university’s administration. Rather than passing laws, we act as a lobbying body, addressing the concerns of the student body, and bringing these concerns to the attention of the university.


Students for Immigrant Rights & Equality

Students for Immigrant Rights is an organization that focuses on actions and advocacy to support immigrant rights, especially for those who are undocumented. We provide volunteer and language opportunities so that students can work with communities in Raleigh and the surrounding region.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Alison Greene

VOLAR (Voluntarios Ahora en Raleigh)

VOLAR is a Spanish language service program that bridges NC State to the local community, fosters cultural diversity, and challenges students with authentic linguistic practice. Our community partners include the Mexican Consulate General, the Guatemalan Consulate General, Raleigh Parks and Recreation, Urban Ministries Open Door Clinic and Wake Smiles. Since 2012, students participating in VOLAR have spent more than 1,500 hours volunteering.

Faculty Adviser: Deborah Kane.