Connecting With Community

Our philosophy as a university is to think and do. We take what we learn out of the classroom and get to work in our local community and around the world. We make a real and measurable impact. We change lives. At NC State, it's not just theory. It's practice.

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Global Strategic Partners

Institute For Nonprofits

Initiated in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2002, the Institute for Nonprofits is a community where ideas, resources and support are devoted to strengthening the capacity of nonprofit and social sector organizations in N.C. and beyond through research, education and engagement. We benefit from the expertise of leaders from around campus and in the community.

Our mission is to promote engaged citizenship and exceptional leadership across North Carolina by enabling nonprofit and social sector leaders to:

  • Align mission, methods and resources.
  • Earn the public trust.
  • Balance individual interest and the common good.
  • Capitalize on opportunities associated with diversity.
  • Move beyond charity to systemic change.

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We serve all of North Carolina's 100 counties.

The Center for Family and Community Engagement is active in each of North Carolina's 100 counties, providing its signature training in family-centered practice.

Center for Family and Community Engagement

NC State’s Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFFACE) provides a range of public service and research. The center, founded in 2008, fosters partnerships among families, communities and the academic sphere that address and support families through community engagement. We work across the state of North Carolina, offering training and technical assistance, and providing evaluation and research.

We work across disciplinary boundaries to conduct research and improve best practices at the local, national and global levels to support the health and well-being of families and communities.

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Social Entrepreneurship

The college’s new Social Entrepreneurship Initiative helps students meet global issues head on. For decades, the sole measure of a business’s success was its economic bottom line. Today, more companies and business leaders are looking for results beyond profit margins, and the next generation of students is taking note.

This movement, called social entrepreneurship, advocates for business models based on finding innovative solutions to social problems. While the typical entrepreneur is more focused on profits and return on investment, social entrepreneurs take into account the social, cultural and environmental returns to society. 

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Humanities Extension Program

Our Humanities Extension Program directly connects North Carolina's public school classroom teachers with faculty from the college who want to share their knowledge and expertise with students in grades K-12.

The program creates new partnerships and builds on existing relationships between the college and public schools across the state. Our aim is to foster an understanding of and appreciation for the humanities and social sciences among students. The program is also a powerful recruitment tool for college-bound young people, exposing high school students to potential areas of study.

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