Helpful Hints

Unallowable University Services

The following services are not allowed to be charged to sponsored projects:

  • WolfXpress Print and Copy Services.  You will need to use an external vendor for any printing services. 
  • DELTA Video Communication Services
  • University Bookstore

Hourly Employee Timesheets

Federal regulations require that we have a method to document all effort on sponsored projects. The method for biweekly employees is through their timesheets. With the implementation of KABA, we must take an extra step with all timesheets paid in part or in full from sponsored projects and print them.  Each timesheet needs to be signed by the Principal Investigator (PI).  The timesheets can be printed by the employee or the timekeeper and should be submitted to the Research Office each pay period.

Directions for printing:



From MyPack Portal:

Main Menu

>Human Resources System

>> Manager Self Service

>>>Time Management

>>>>View Time 

>>>>> View Timesheets-Timekeeper

Complete the following fields:

DEPARTMENT – Enter your 4 digit OUC

CHECK DT – Click magnifying glass to choose pay period

Check box labelled “LEDGER 5 ONLY”

Click “Generate Time Sheet

From MyPack Portal:

Employee Self Service

>Time Reporting

>>View Time

>>>Display/Print Timesheet

Employee will enter information into the CHECK DT field.  They must then click the box above labelled "Include Project Details”

Conference Authorization Form

This form is used to document compliance with State Budget requirements for sponsoring conferences and the authorization of the conference and associated predetermined cost by the department head.  If NCSU will host a conference, guidelines require a Sponsored Conference Authorization Form (AP106) be completed.