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Stefano Longo

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

1911 Bldg 364

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Stefano B. Longo is an environmental sociologist. His research examines the relationships between social and ecological systems, with an emphasis on marine ecosystems, political economy, and the globalization of food systems. Longo’s research has been published in a variety of journals such as Conservation Biology, Social Problems, Social Forces, and The Sociological Quarterly, among others. He is author of The Tragedy of the Commodity published by Rutgers University Press, co-authored with Rebecca Clausen and Brett Clark.

Research Publications

Selected Publications:

Longo, Stefano B., Rebecca Clausen, and Brett Clark.  2015. The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries and AquacultureNew Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Longo, Stefano B., Brett Clark, Richard York, and Andrew Jorgenson. 2019. “Aquaculture and the Displacement of Fisheries Captures” Conservation Biology. DOI: 10.1111/cobi.13295.

Clark, Timothy P. and Stefano B. Longo. 2019. “Examining the Fisheries Footprint of Less-Affluent Nations: A Cross-National Study (1960-2010).” International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Hedlund, John, Stefano B. Longo, and Richard York. 2019. “Agriculture, Pesticide Use, and Economic Development: A Cross-National Analysis (1990-2014).” Rural Sociology.

Allen, Jason, Stefano B. Longo, and Thomas E. Shriver. 2018. “Politics, the State, and Sea Level Rise: Structural Selectivity and North Carolina’s Coastal Resource Commission.” Sociological Quarterly 59(2), 320-337.

Clark, Timothy P., Stefano B. Longo, Brett Clark, and Andrew Jorgenson. 2018. “Protein Consumption and Environmental Impacts: An Analysis of Socio-Structural Drivers of Fisheries Footprints, 1961-2012.” Journal of Rural Studies, 57,140-146.

Longo, Stefano B. and Brett Clark. 2016. “An Ocean of Troubles: Advancing Marine Sociology.” Social Problems, 63(4), 463-479.

Longo, Stefano, B., Brett Clark, Thomas E. Shriver, and Rebecca Clausen. 2016. “Sustainability and Environmental Sociology: Putting the Economy in its Place and Moving Toward an Integrative Socio-Ecology.” Sustainability, 8(5), 437 doi:10.3390/su8050437.

Longo, Stefano B. and Joseph O. Baker. 2014. “Economy ‘Versus’ Environment: The Influence of Economic Ideology and Political Identity on Perceived Threat of Eco-catastrophe.” The Sociological Quarterly 55(2): 341-365.

Longo, Stefano B., Brett Clark and Richard York “The Globalization of Ecologically Intensive Aquaculture (1984-2008).” 2013. Journal of Environmental Studies and Science 3(3): 297-305. 

Longo, Stefano B., and Brett Clark. 2012. “The Commodification of Bluefin Tuna: The Historical Transformation of the Mediterranean Fishery.” Journal of Agrarian Change, 12(2-3): 204-226.

Longo, Stefano B., and Rebecca Clausen. 2011. “The Tragedy of the Commodity: The Overexploitation of the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Fishery.” Organization and Environment, 24(3): 312-328.

Longo, Stefano B. and Richard York. 2008. “Agriculture Exports and the Environment: A Cross-National Analysis of Fertilizer and Pesticide Consumption.” Rural Sociology, 73(1): 82-104.


Ph.D. Sociology University of Oregon

Area(s) of Expertise

Environmental Sociology; Political Economy; Human Ecology; Marine Sociology; Food Systems; Social Theory