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Marissa Personette

Graduate Student

Ph.D. in Sociology

Center for Family and Community Engagement


Marissa is a PhD student in the Sociology program at NC State. She has done research on various topics, including sexual victimization, homelessness, and education. Her current research focuses on how bystanders decide to intervene/fail to intervene in situations that could lead to sexual victimization on college campuses. Marissa joined the Center in November 2020 to support the Service Center in its NC State Addictions Specialist Certificate Program for Paraprofessionals.


  • Graduate Research Assistant,┬áCenter for Family and Community Engagement
  • Graduate Student Instructor, North Carolina State University


Ph.D. Sociology NC State University 2023

M.S. Sociology NC State University 2019

B.A. Sociology and Communications University of Delaware 2014