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Megan Fletcher


Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media

Center for Family and Community Engagement


Megan Alyssa Fletcher is a PhD candidate in the Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media program as well as an instructor of Communication and Interdisciplinary studies at North Carolina State University. Originally from Massachusetts, Megan moved to Raleigh to pursue her Masters Degree in Communication Studies. Megan’s primary scholarly interests include feminist theory, intimate partner violence, social justice, and education. Megan’s most recent research focuses on collaboratively considering the social, political, and lived realities of intake processes (specifically at women’s shelters) and speculate upon ways to conscientiously intervene. She hopes to combine all of her passions in order to become a caring and impactful advocate, educator and researcher.


OWEP Course Development, 2020


Fletcher, M. A. (2018). We to Me: An Autoethnographic Discovery of Self, In and Out of Domestic Abuse. Women’s Studies in Communication41(1), 42-59.


Fletcher, M.A., Ranade, N., Stone, M. “Hashtag Activism in the Classroom – Feminist Pedagogical Interventions for Rhetorical Analysis and Participation in Online Activist Movements” a Roundtable accepted for presentation at the 19th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference, Portland, OR, May 2020. Conference subsequently canceled due to COVID–19 pandemic.

Fletcher, M. A. (2020, January). “At Arm’s Length: Friends, Family and Intimate Partner Violence.” Doing Autoethnography Conference, St. Pete Beach, FL

Fletcher, M. A. (2019, April). “Body as Spectacle: Rendering Intimate Partner Violence Visible.” (Panel) Feminist Embodied Methods and Practices in Rhetorical Studies, Carolina Rhetoric Conference, Raleigh, NC

Fletcher, M. A. (2019, April) “Man Cave at Mom’s: A Microcosm of Adolescence and Masculinity” (Panel) Playing with Our Selves: Examining Life Through Virtual Media, Gender Bodies and Technology, Roanoke, VA

Fletcher, M. A. (2019, April). “Connected Isolation: The Circle of 6 Mobile App and Intimate Partner Violence.” (Panel) Pulling Out or Staying Put?: The Gendered Politics of Technologically-Mediated (S)Exit. Gender Bodies and Technology, Roanoke, VA


  • Communication Specialist, Center for Family and Community Engagement
  • Communication Specialist, Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

Area(s) of Expertise

Communication and Gender; Science, Technology and Human Values