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Karen Young

Assistant Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs

Teaching Assistant Professor of Psychology

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Karen R. Young, Ph.D. has served as the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2010.  Dr. Young has been recognized at the college, university, and national levels for her excellence in advising administration.  She is also a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and has taught courses such as Introduction to Psychology (PSY 200), Psychobiology of Success (PSY 208), Ergonomics (PSY 340), Perception (PSY 400), and Learning and Motivation (PSY 410).  She has also co-taught Leadership and Coalition Building in Diverse Communities (USC 240). She served as the Coordinator of Advising for the Department of Psychology from 2005 to 2010, having returned to NC State (where she earned her graduate degrees) after two years as an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Her research interests focus broadly on student success, but she has a particular interest in the impact of student and faculty feedback on student success in higher education.

Research Publications

Young, K.R., Schaffer, H., Gallardo-Williams, M.T., & James, J.B. (manuscript in preparation). Tired of failing students? Improving student learning using detailed and automatic individualized feedback in a large introductory science course.

Young, K.R., Joines, J., Standish, W. R., & Gallagher, V. J. (2019). Student evaluations of teaching: The impact of faculty procedures on response rates. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 44(1), 37-49.

Standish, W.R., Joines, J., Young, K.R., & Gallagher, V.J. (2018). Improving SET Response Rates: Synchronous Online Administration as a Tool to Improve Evaluation Quality. Research in Higher Education, 59, 812-823.

Schaffer, H., Young, K.R., Ligon, E.W., & Chapman, D. (2017). Automating individualized formative feedback in large classes based on a directed concept graph. Frontiers in Psychology, 8. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00260

Young, K.R. & Johnson, J.W. (2016).  Using a new multidisciplinary T.E.A.M Mentoring approach to foster student success. Proceedings of the UNM Mentoring Institute’s 9th Annual Conference. Albuquerque, NM: UNM Mentoring Institute.


Young, K.R., Schaffer, H., James, J.B. & Gallardo-Williams, M.T. (February, 2019). Timely, detailed, and automatic individualized feedback for a large class: Does it make a difference.  Poster presented at the annual NC State University Teaching and Learning Symposium, Raleigh, NC.

Johnson, J.W. & Young, K.R. (2018, April). Using a T.E.A.M. mentoring approach to support at-risk students. Lecture presented at the Annual NC State ASPSA Drive-In Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Schaffer, H., Young, K.R., Ligon, E.W., & Chapman, D. (April, 2014). Exam Questions: Aligning with the desired cognitive processes and knowledge levels.  Poster presented at the annual NC State University Teaching and Learning Symposium, Raleigh, NC.

Young, K.R. & Leeder, D. L. (June, 2013). Curriculum integration decisions for a new course: How assessment changed the conversation. Paper presented at the NASPA Assessment & Persistence Conference, Denver, CO.

Young, K.R. and Zelna, C. L. (April, 2013). Instructor use of electronic progress reports: A snapshot from Spring 2012. Poster presented at the annual NC State University Teaching and Learning Symposium, Raleigh, NC.

Nelson, J., Young, K.R., Margolin, R., Vermuelen, S., & Brown, L. (March, 2013). First to Know—Campus Responses to Students in Psychological Distress. Roundtable session presented at the annual meeting of ACPA (College Student Educators International), Las Vegas, NV. Handouts can be downloaded from


Ph.D. Psychology North Carolina State University 2002

M.S. Psychology North Carolina State University 1999

B.A. Psychology Northern Arizona University 1996