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Jessica Barker

Learning and Communication Strategist

Center for Family and Community Engagement

Westchase III 210


Jessica Barker started her career with the Center for Family and Community Engagement (CFACE) as a Communication Specialist while pursuing her Master of Science degree in Communication here at North Carolina State University (NC State). She is now CFACE’s Learning and Communication Strategist.

Jessica initially graduated summa cum laude from Appalachian State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies. She also completed minors in Non-Profit Management and Music. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Jessica decided to continue in higher education where she was a graduate teaching assistant and public speaking instructor for NC State’s Department of Communication.

With a great passion for non-profit work, Jessica knew she wanted to pursue a career in the field after completing her master’s degree. CFACE often provides her with many opportunities to align her academic and professional interests, allowing her to regularly put theory into practice. Jessica is thrilled to continue her work with CFACE, while simultaneously fine-tuning her skills and knowledge in non-profit management, education, and communication.


Jessica’s primary responsibilities for the Center can be found within these two terms that make up her title: Learning and Communication. With regard to learning, her primary role is to provide design and writing support for the creation of learning modules, assessments, and other online courses. Additionally, she also provides technical support to synchronous online training hosted in Zoom. With regard to communication, her focus is with both internal and external communication. This includes strategic planning, marketing, and social media/website content creation and design.


B.S. Communication Studies Appalachian State University 2018

M.S. Communication North Carolina State University 2020

Area(s) of Expertise

Jessica taught public speaking at NC State during her time as a master’s student. Her primary research interests are in rhetorical, organizational, and interpersonal communication. With regard to rhetoric, she has studied persuasion at length. This is particularly with regard to rhetoric’s influence over public perception and memory throughout time. Her work in organizational communication mainly encompasses organizational culture, identity, and image. Lastly, with interpersonal communication her focus has been on relationship conflict, particularly when it comes to how to work in small teams effectively.