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Jason Coupet

Associate Professor

School of Public and International Affairs

Caldwell Hall 209

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Jason Coupet is a University Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor of Public Administration in the School of Public and International Affairs at NC State. Jason’s Ph.D. is in Strategic Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and his BA in Economics from the University of Michigan. His research interests include strategic management, Data Envelopment Analysis, performance measurement, organizational economics, research methods, and the political economy of organizations. He was also a National Science Foundation Mentoring Fellow in Economics (DITE) at Duke University. His research has appeared in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Public Performance & Management Review, Business Strategy & the Environment, Administration & Society, and Nonprofit Management & Leadership, among others. His work has been funded by the Sloan Foundation, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. His work has been covered by The Washington Post, The Conversation, and The Wall Street Journal, ​​​​​​​among others.

He is a member of the APPAM policy council and the Data Science Working Group at ARNOVA. He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and Administrative Sciences.

Teaching and Research Interests

Performance measurementEfficiencyEconomics of organizations, Strategic management, Applied political economy, Transportation Management


“Tech transfer tradeoffs? An exploration of the substitutability of research commercialization outcomes” w/ Yuhao Ba

“Beyond cost-cutting: empirically centering values in public sector efficiency”

“Panel Data Analysis for Nonprofit Management” w/ Jessica Haynie and Yuhao Ba

Funded Research

Principal Investigator: Using Raster Suitability Analysis for Transit STI processes. Co-PI: Joy Davis, Weston Head, Steven Bert. ITRE. Funded by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. July 2020- July 2021. (20% Effort) Contract of $215,469. To supplement the NCDOT project selection with RSA. (Project delayed due to COVID19)

Principal Investigator: Measuring the Efficiency of the Research Enterprise. Funded by Institute for Research on Innovation & Science at the University of Michigan. January 2018 – March 2019. Contract of $29,966. To develop aggregate productivity and efficiency measures for NSF, NIH, and FDA grantmaking.

Linking philanthropy and performance at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (SRA Grant), $4,000

Co-PI: Investigating Community and Child Protection Team Collaboratives. Pennell, J. Principal Investigator and Project Director, Supporting Family-Centered Practice, funded by North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services, July 2016-June 2017, contract of $253,478.

Scholarship Research Award, $3,000. NC State, 2015-2016

Diversifying Faculty Fellowship, $56,000 ($14k/year), State of Illinois, 2012-2014

Grace Holt Memorial Award, $1,000. UIC, 2013


Peer-reviewed manuscripts

Coupet, J. Are governments better than donors at rewarding nonprofit performance? A dynamic panel approach. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (Revise and Resubmit, Third Round).

Ba, Y.*, Berrett, J., & Coupet, J. (2021). Linear Panel Data Analysis in Nonprofit Studies: Embracing the Potential of Longitudinal Data. Voluntas (forthcoming).

Barnum, D., Coupet, J., Gleason, J., McWilliams, A., & Parhankangas, A. (2021) Bias in transportation efficiency estimates caused by misspecified DEA models. Journal of Transport, Economics, and Policy (forthcoming).

Coupet, J., Ba, Y. Benchmarking Tech Transfer Performance: An Exploration with SFA. (2021). Journal of Technology Transfer (forthcoming).

Booth-Bell, D., Broady, K, Coupet, J. (2021). Business Automation Shortcomings, COVID-19 and the Exposure of Black and Latino Workers. Brookings Paper on Economic Activity (forthcoming).

Coupet, J., Berrett, J.*, Broussard, P.*, & Johnson, B.* (2021). “Benchmarking nonprofit organizations with Data Envelopment Analysis.” Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. (forthcoming).

Coupet, J., Broussard, P.* (2020) “Do donors reward nonprofit performance? Evidence from housing. Public Performance and Management Review. 44(1). 1-28.

Farruggia, S., Solomon, B., Back, L. & Coupet, J. (2020). “Partnerships between Universities and Nonprofit Transition Coaching Organizations to Increase Student Success.” Journal of Community Psychology. 48 (6), 1898-1912.                  

Coupet, J., Albrecht, K.*, Williams, T*. and Farruggia, S. (2019), “Collaborative Value in Public and Nonprofit Strategic Alliances: Evidence from Transition Coaching. Administration and Society, 52(3).

Coupet, J. & Berrett, J*. (2019). Toward a valid way to measure Nonprofit Efficiency. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 29(3). 2020 Annual NML Editor’s Prize for Best Paper

Coupet, J. (2018). Exploring the Link Between Government Funding and Nonprofit Efficiency. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 29(1).

Coupet, J. & McWilliams, A. (2017). Integrating Organizational Economics and Resource Dependence Theory to Explain the Persistence of Quasi-Markets, Administrative Sciences, 7(3), 29.

Coupet, J. (2017). Strings attached? Linking HBCUs’ dual revenue sources and efficiency. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. 39(1), 40-57.

Barnum, D., Coupet, J., Gleason, J., McWilliams, A., & Parhankangas, A. (2017). Impact of input substitution and output transformation on data envelopment analysis decisions. Applied Economics, 49(15), 1543-1556.

McWilliams, A., Parhankangas, A., Coupet, J., Welch, E., and Barnum, D. (2016). Managing the Triple Bottom Line: Using DEA to address social responsibility. Business Strategy and the Environment. 25(3). 193-204.

Coupet, J. (2013). Black colleges, competitive advantages, and resource dependence: a chow test of production functions. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. 35(4). 355-369.

Coupet, J. & Barnum, D. (2011). HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] efficiency and endowments: An exploratory analysis. International Journal of Educational Advancement. 10(3). 186-197.

Coupet E., & Coupet, J. (2007). Real exchange rates and the trade balance: Beyond the J-Curve. The Journal of American Academy of Business, 10(2), 56-64.

Coupet, E. & Coupet, J. (2005). The Organization of Atlantic States and the Free Trade Area of the Atlantic: Is the cart before the horse? Journal of International Business and Economics, 3(1), 86-93.

Edited Volumes

Coupet, J. “Benchmarking HBCU efficiency: beyond retention” (2016). In: Administrative Challenges and Organizational Leadership in Historically Black Colleges and Universities. eds: Prince, Charles & Ford, Rochelle. IGI Global.

Policy & Research Reports

North Carolina Community Child Protection Team Advisory Board. (2018). Investigating the context of CCPTs [to North Carolina Division of Social Services]. Raleigh, NC. [Prepared by Coupet, J., Williams, T. & Chilton, J.]

North Carolina Community Child Protection Team Advisory Board. (2017). 2016 end of year report [to North Carolina Division of Social Services]. Raleigh, NC. [Prepared by J. Pennell, J. Coupet, M. Thompson, H. Benton, J. Chilton, & J. McKelvy.]

Coupet, J., Farruggia, S., Moss, T., Muhammad, A. (2016). Integrating External Coaching at a Public Research University: A Coordination Program. University of Illinois at Chicago.


Ad hoc reviewer

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, European Journal of Operations Research, Managerial Decisions and Economics, OMEGA, Journal of Health Policy, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, Transport Policy, Journal of Applied Statistics, Public Transport, Journal of Strategic Management and Education, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs


Ph.D. Strategic Management University of Illinois at Chicago 2014

M.A. Teaching Dominican University 2008

B.A. Economics University of Michigan 2005