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Glenda Clare

Family Partner Specialist/Trainer

Center for Family and Community Engagement

James B Hunt Jr Centennial Cam 5157


Glenda Clare is the Family Partner Specialist for the Center for Family and Community Engagement.  As a kinship caregiver, licensed behavioral health clinician and community health practitioner, she brings a unique perspective to the work of family partnership and community engagement. Glenda Clare advocates in behalf of grandfamilies (grandparents and other family members raising a relative’s child when the birth parent is unable or unwilling) and currently serves as the North Carolina representative to the Generations United GrAND Voices Network funded by Casey Family Programs and the Kellogg Foundation.

She has worked as Public Health Liaison for the NC HIV/STD Branch, Substance Abuse Counselor for Duke’s Family Care Program, Program Associate for National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (aka Center on Addictions), NIDA Liaison and CHATT Center Manager for Danya Institute (aka Central East Addiction Technology Transfer Center), and the Principle Research Associate for the National Development and Research Institute (NDRI).

Glenda Clare earned a bachelors degree in the interdisciplinary study of Community Health Education and Media Arts (University of South Carolina), a masters degree in Agency Counseling specializing in substance abuse and career counseling (North Carolina Central University) and a doctorate in Counselor Education specializing in addiction and family counseling (College of William and Mary).