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Gayas Eapen

Graduate Student


Instructor, Department of Communication

Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media


Gayas Eapen is a PhD candidate in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at North Carolina State University. His areas of research interest include materialist and digital media studies, platforms, infrastructures, and identity. His forthcoming dissertation project is focussed on supposedly anachronistic objects, technologies, and practices that offer evidence of parallel media technological or institutional histories informing the present moment; using them to interrogate identities and subjectivities and the role of media technologies in forming them.


PhD Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media North Carolina State University 2023

MA Convergent Journalism AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 2016

BA English (Hons.) St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi 2014

Area(s) of Expertise

What is the place of digital media technologies within ever changing global contexts and emerging relations of power? To answer this question, my research examines mobile media infrastructures and practices to include a whole range of “older” technologies that are seen as pre-modern but are actually quite contemporary–including “DJ trucks”,  hookahs, motorbikes, pushcarts, jewelry, flags, and other similar artifacts. My work so far can be divided into two dimensions. The first engages with media technologies, distinguishing them as sites of mediation, infrastructure, and cultural techniques within specific historical and regional contexts. The second dimension focuses specifically on digital media, in its various forms and scales and its interaction with local sensory configurations, cultural practices of mediation, and situated and emerging dynamics of power. 


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