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Charles Tittle

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Research Publications

  • “Reinforcement, Learning, and Criminal Probability.” Social Forces (in press) [With Olena Antonaccio and Ekaterina Botchkovar].
  •  “Strain, Socio-Economic Status, and Modes of Coping.” (with Ekaterina Bochkovar and Olena Antonaccio). Journal of Quantitative Criminology [in press]
  •  “Reinforcement and Social Learning.”  Sociological Spectrum 32 (2012): 157-177. [With Jon Brauer].
  •  “Childhood Experiences and Self-Control.” Deviant Behavior 33 (2012): 375-392. [with Jonathan R. Brauer, Olena Antonaccio, and Zaki Islam]
  • “Why Do Some Places Display More Criminality than Other Places? A Comparison of Major Cities in Greece, Russia, and Ukraine.”  Poiniki Dikaiosini: Eglkimatologia 2012: 49-60 [with Olena Antoaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar, and Maria Kranidioti]
  •  “Self-Control and the Management of Violence.” Pp. 91-119 in Control of Violence: Historical and International Perspectives on Violence in Modern Societies, edited by Wilhelm Heitmeyer,  Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, Andrea Kirschner, and Stefan Malthaner. Springer: New York, 2011.
  •  “Attracted to Crime: Exploration of Criminal Motivation Among Respondents in Three European Cities.”  Criminal Justice and Behavior 38 (2011): 1200-1221.  [with Olena Antonaccio and Ekaterina Botchkovar]
  •  “Criminal Contemplation, National Context, and Deterrence.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 27 (2011): 225-249  (With Ekaterina V. Botchkovar and Olena Antonaccio)                                                    
  • “Control Balance Theory and Social Policy.” Pp. 6-24 in Criminology and Public Policy: Putting Theory to Work, edited by Hugh Barlow and Scott Decker. Temple University Press: Philadelphia, 2010.
  •  Expected Utility, Self-Control, Morality, and Criminal Probability.” Social Science Research  39 (2010): 1029-1046  [With Olena Antonaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar,and Maria Krandioti].
  • “Morality, Self-Control, and Crime: A Replication Using Greek Respondents.” (In Greek)  Criminal Justice, Nomiki Bibliothiki 12: Spring, 2010. [With Olena Antonaccio and Maria Kranidioti].
  •  “The Correlates of Crime and Deviance: Additional Evidence.” Journal of  Research in Crime and Delinquency 47 (2010): 297-328.  [With Olena Antonaccio, Ekaterina Botchkovar, and Maria Kranidioti].
  •  “Socio-Demographic Homogenizing Trends in Fixed-Boundary Spatial Areas within the United States.” Social Science  Research 39 (2009): 324-340.   [With Thomas Rotolo]
  •  “General Strain Theory: Additional Evidence Using Cross-National Data.” Criminology, 47 (2009): 131-172. [With Ekaterina Botchovar and Olena Antonaccio]
  •  “Is a General Theory of Socially Disapproved Violence Possible (or Necessary)?  International Journal of Conflict and Violence 3 (2009): 60-74.
  •  “Strain, Crime, and Interactions.” Justice Quarterly 25 (2008): 283-312. [With Lisa M. Broidy and Marc C. Gertz].
  •  “Delineating the Scope of Reintegrative Shaming Theory: An Explanation of Contingencies using Russian Data.” Social Science Research 37 (2008): 703-720. [With Ekaterina Botchkovar].
  •  “Morality, Self-Control and Crime.” Criminology 46 (2008):479-510. [With Olena Antonaccio].
  • “Social Integration, Self-Control, and Conformity.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 24 (2008): 73-92. [With Michael R. Welch, Nicole Meidinger, Jennfer Yonkoski, and Harold G. Grasmick].
  •  “Self-Control, Political Ideology and Misbehavior: Unpacking the Effects of Conservative Identity.” Sociological Spectrum 28 (2008): 4-35. [With Michael R. Welch  and Harold G. Grasmick].
  • “Fads and Foibles in the Dissemination of Criminological Work.” Statement in the February, 2008, issue of the Criminologist.


B.A. History Ouachita Baptist College 1961

M.A. Sociology The University of Texas at Austin 1963

Ph.D. Sociology The University of Texas at Austin 1965

Area(s) of Expertise

Sociology of Crime and Deviance, Sociological Theory, Urban Sociology