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Brandon Rogers

Graduate Student

Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media

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Brandon Rogers is a second year PhD student in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (CRDM) program at NC State. His research primarily triangulates media studies, health humanities, and the rhetoric of health and medicine. In particular, he studies how popular media outlets such as television and video games disseminate health discourses and encourage users to embody certain reactions to healthcare threats and responsibilities. He’s also interested in how certain media (such as the Kinsey scale, PrEP, MSM categories, sexuality spectrum rhetoric, etc) contribute to bi(sexual) erasure in such a way that makes male bisexuality and plurisexual masculinity inarticulable—at least in an organizational structure built around hegemonic masculinity and therefore monosexism.

Brandon currently teaches in the Science, Technology, and Society program. His courses mirror his research interests and encourage students to question taken-for-granted assumptions about science, medicine, and objective knowledge. In addition to his academic work, he also works as a content writer for the Carolina Longevity Institute, a company with a mission to significantly extend human life expectancy while simultaneously improving human healthspan (the number of years a person lives disease free).


Book Chapters

Rogers, Brandon. “The Last Dragonborn: Harbinger of the Companions and Veterans.” In 100 Greatest Video Game Characters. Edited by Robert Mejia, Jaime Banks, and Aubrie Adams, 107-8. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017.

Online Journals

Rogers, Brandon. “Destructive Tumbleweeds And Werebeavers: Attuning to Time and Space in Don’t Starve Together.” First Person Scholar


Selected Conference Presentations

“Healing Hospitals and Building Wellbeing: Constructing a Rhetoric of Space and Place for Healthcare Environments,” National Communication Association 104th Convention, Salt Lake City, UT, November 8-11, 2018.

“Touch with Care: Telesurgery and the Rhetoric of Robotic Touch,” Southern States Communication Association 2018 Convention, Nashville, TN, April 3-8, 2018.

“Where Does it Hurt?: Towards a Multiscalar Understanding of Location,” North Carolina State’s Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Symposium on Hybrid Play, Raleigh, NC, March 26-27, 2018. Working paper.

“Games, Media Archaeology, and Quantified Health,” Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies’ Metric Culture Conference, Aarhus, Denmark, June 7-9, 2017.

“Fleshing Out Haptic Technology in Virtual Reality Gaming,” City University of New York’s The Way of All Flesh English Student Association Conference, New York, NY, April 7-8, 2016.

Invited Lecturer

“Temporalities and Gaming.” CSC 281, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, April 18, 2018.

“Introduction to Reading and Writing in the Sciences.” ENG 101, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, September 19, 2016.

“Neurogaming and Biometric Gameplay.” COM 537, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, November 18, 2015.


B.S. Biological Physics University of Central Arkansas 2015

M.A. Literature, Medicine, and Culture University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2017