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Anne Izod


Ph.D. in Public Administration


Annie Izod began the doctoral program in Fall 2012. Her research focus is on program evaluation and performance measurement of networked organizations that work together to deliver public services. These networks include workforce development systems, public health partnerships, and youth education service providers. Annie uses both qualitative and quantitative methods in her dissertation entitled, Workforce Development Systems – A Configurational Approach to Studying Network Performance.

She is a Commission Staff Member and Policy Analyst for the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Workforce Solutions, in the Governance and Strategic Planning area. As Commission Staff, she supports North Carolina’s NCWorks Commission by conducting research, program evaluations, and policy and performance analyses related to workforce and economic development in North Carolina. Prior to enrolling in the doctoral program, Annie worked for eight years for the US Government Accountability Office as a Senior Policy Analyst working on a variety of issues including workforce development and homeland security.

Annie has taught several Political Science courses at NC State and currently teaches PS 312 Introduction to Public Administration, a distance education class in The Leadership in the Public Sector program. She holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in English and Political Science and a Master of Public Administration degree from Virginia Tech.


Nowell, B., Izod, A., Nguruiya, K., Boyd, N.,  (2016) Public Service Motivation and Sense of Community Responsibility: Comparing Two Motivational Constructs in Understanding Voluntary Leadership Within Community Collaboratives. Journal of Public Administration and Theory.

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