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Aidan Paul

Graduate Student

M.A. in Anthropology


I am a second-year graduate student in the anthropology program here and work as a research assistant. My primary research interests lie in the Eastern Woodlands, especially the archaeology of the Carolinas, but I have some background in the archaeology of the Americas more generally. For my undergraduate thesis I conducted a stylistic and distributional analysis of chunkey stones, artifacts involved in a popular game originating at the Pre-Colombian city of Cahokia, Illinois.


Undergraduate Senior Thesis: “The Styles and Distributions of Chunkey Stones in the Eastern Woodlands”. Supervised by Dr. Vincas Steponaitis.


B.A. Anthropology and Archaeology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2021

Area(s) of Expertise

Eastern Woodlands, Mississippian Culture, Archaeological Ethics, Indigenous Religions, Archaeology of Games and Sports, Archaeology of North Carolina, Sociocultural Evolution