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Tag: Steve Greene

Nov 7, 2016

Who Are North Carolina’s Voters?

North Carolina's geography is as diverse as its residents, and the state's electoral importance has never been so important. Steve Greene, political science, featured. 

Oct 28, 2016

Supreme Court Spending ‘All About Redistricting’

"Redistricting is the difference between having three Democrats from North Carolina in Congress and six or seven," said Steve Greene, a political science professor at NC State University, pointing to the recent swing in North Carolina's political fortune. 

Oct 24, 2016

In North Carolina, Moderates Have Their Pitchforks Out

Many people across the state’s political spectrum are disappointed in a governor who ran as a moderate and then spent four years approving the Republican legislature’s hard-right policies. By damaging three things North Carolinians care about most—their national image as a progressive southern state, their ability to attract business and their beloved college basketball—HB2 stoked anger many former McCrory supporters have felt for years. Steve Greene, political science, featured. 

Oct 20, 2016

North Carolina Could Be the Most Interesting State This Election

“North Carolina is a microcosm of the divisions in the US electorate, but on steroids: The gap between white voters with and without college degrees is huge, the white to nonwhite gap is huge, and the rural-urban gap is huge.” Steven Greene, political science, featured. 

Oct 5, 2016

Only quarter of voters feeling McCrory’s ‘Carolina Comeback’

Political scientists are more circumspect about the reasons voters may have told pollsters they are down on the economy. They say some voters may simply be responding based on partisan allegiance rather than economic indicators. Steve Greene, political science, featured.