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MALS Coaches: Pam Boney and Bobby Guntoro

Pam Boney

Pam Boney headshot
MALS alumna Pam Boney

Please tell us what brought you to MALS? What was attractive about the degree?

I wanted to study two very different but related domains of study.  I/O (Industrial/Organizational) psychology helped me carry out my culminating project, which was to discover empirical evidence for the “Tilt Framework,” the foundation for a company I founded called “,” to build and design personality, leadership and team agility assessments in the space of character strengths. My other “domain of study,” developmental psychology and counselor education,” was the best place to study application of my ideas. The degree had the flexibility to create my own unique path of study that worked for my specific project about human development. The science and theory of application allowed me to launch a multi-million dollar company based on my MALS culminating project. 

Tell us about your MALS concentration. 

I/O Psychology and Counselor Education

What was your concentration title? 

Transcendent Leadership: a new vanguard of leaders for ethical innovation

What significance did your concentration hold for you?

It was the foundation of the company I later founded and enabled me to further studies in a personal interest area in character science. 

What are you currently doing? We’d love to know about your professional, personal, or volunteer activities that you want to share.

I am the Founder and CEO of Tilt, Inc and a 7 figure revenue company with 9 employees,  633 practitioners and serving over 100,000 users, 1218 companies, and 3511 teams. Our mission is to increase education in character science in leaders in organizations who want to reduce divisiveness and are committed to ethical innovation to solve the complex problems of our time. 

Bobby Guntoro 

Bobby Guntoro is the Head Coach for the Swimming and Diving Department of UNCW Athletics. PHOTO COURTESY: OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY RELATIONS/UNCW

Please tell us what brought you to MALS? What was attractive about the degree? 

The main reason that brought me to MALS was the ability to have the freedom to choose a concentration of study while receiving guidance from different professors with various backgrounds and expertise.

Tell us about your MALS concentration. What was your concentration title? What significance did your concentration hold for you? 

My concentration title was ‘Sport and Youth Development’. I observed and studied how sport affects youth development in this country. 

What are you currently doing? 

I am currently the head coach of UNC-Wilmington Swimming and Diving, and part of the USA National Team staff. I am also the owner of Wilmington Swim Academy, a program that provides swim lessons for children, adult swim team, and competitive clinics. In January 2021, Wilmington Swim Academy will launch a free swim lesson program for families in need in the Wilmington area.

In particular, what impact has your MALS training had on your career as a coach? 

Understanding the connection between sport and youth development in this country helped me to become a better coach at the collegiate level. Being a coach is more than just teaching skills in the pool… We have the responsibility to mentor and guide these young men and women for life well beyond the sport at the collegiate level. It is more than just win and lose. My MALS training has equipped me well to become a better ‘overall coach’ for my athletes. 

What is your favorite memory from your time in MALS? 

My favorite memory from MALS is my interactions with different professors and colleagues